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Meet Cynthia Mae

Hi! I'm Cynthia. I am a wife, momma, friend, full time boss and fanatic about helping people survive life. 

I currently work a 9-5 and am building towards a life I don't have to vacation from. I am business and leadership driven. I take passion in helping people find their own passions. 

I am currently working on the book titled Life Unstructured. This has been a combination of blood, sweat and tears of past lessons learned and thousands of moments of "I wish I had known...". 

Aside from my business I am very health oriented, with a side of real life syndrome. I love the outdoors and use what moments in the sun I have to be outside in the mountains of Alaska. I have a goal this year of summiting a 6000+ foot peak. 

What are some of your lessons learned? I created a community revolving around lessons learned and getting back to the basics to help people build a solid foundation and not be scared to take the first steps. 

Join us at the FB group Life UnsTRUctuReD. I look forward to sharing my journey with you. Hit me up anytime!

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