Empaths, Intuitives & All The Magickal Things

Empaths, Intuitives & All The Magickal Things
I started a new Facebook group a couple of weeks ago with a sweet friend of mine and Reiki Master, Katie White. We love all things spiritual, are both coaches and our favorite thing is helping people see their value, their worth and empowering them to find their personal power to affect real change in their lives. It's early,  but so far it feels like a huge success. 

Instead of mainstream things like DIY recipes and reasons for going toxin free (because I feel like those are so abundantly found now vs. when I started oiling 6 years ago), we've chosen to dive into the magickal properties of oils, crystals, talk about Law of Attraction, manifestation and getting into alignment with the Divinity that lives inside each one of us. We already have content planned for months to come, and I'm in awe of how well people are responding and joining the group to be part of the journey! If you'd like to join us there, the group is simply called Empaths, Intuitives & All the Magickal Things. 

It turns out that there's a lot of people that identify with being an Empath- someone who is super sensitive to other's moods and energy. And it also turns out, there's not a lot of places for people who do recognize that to turn for guidance and tutelage on how to protect yourself, how to cope with all that energy coming at you, and how to feel brave enough to say when enough is enough. Being bombarded with others energies when you are unware that it is happening can lead to feeling blue, exhaustion and create unwanted trouble in our own lives.

I remember being somewhere in my teens when I realized that my ability to assess emotional setpoints in people was not something everyone can do. I couldn't understand how someone could steamroll into a room and start barking things at others, seemingly unaware that the people in the room were upset. Because I spent my childhood so sensitive to energy, I didn't know it wasn't something everyone was open to being able to do. You may have never been told you're an Empath, but if you cry instantly when you see someone else crying, if you've got an inner voice that tells you to tread lightly, or a gut instinct that you don't like someone, you're probably more aware than you realize.

I love using crystals, practices and oils to ground and shield myself. I've been a lifetime researching and learning about energy, energy healing, metaphysical sciences and the like. In this way, we can offer yet another amazing round of uses for the gift the Earth has given us in essential oils. It's exciting to watch it take root! 

I'm always happy to answer any and all question you may have about any of these subjects and like I said- If you're o Facebook come check the group out. You just might be surprised to find how gifted you truly are!

Abundant Blessings~

Even Little Changes Make Big Differences

Even Little Changes Make Big Differences
I had a wonderful conversation the other day with a new mom who was referred to me to help her. Overtired from sleep deprivation and a fussy baby had left her needing a little guidance of what could help her baby in a natural way. I explained the basics of what essential oils could and could not do to support her situation, cautions to consider, made some suggestions for what was going on and also made some suggestions to help her to support getting more rest, self care and some general wellness advice. I also asked her to consider what she was washing her baby in, and why she might want to consider going organic and natural in her home, cutting out chemicals and being more aware of what was in their food and personal care products. The entire conversation was about 25 minutes long.

When she messaged me a short while later not only appalled by what she had learned about the products she was using on her baby, but also to thank me for setting her on a new course that was right for her and better overall for her family, I sighed a huge contented sigh. THIS. This is what we do in Young Living. This is what drives me and inspires me daily to keep teaching classes, to keep talking to people, to make people more aware. What they choose to do with that once they have learned is entirely up to them.

But, what I want everyone to understand is that even little changes can make a huge difference in your overall health and wellness. I teach everyone that for every grade A, therapeutic, pure essential oil you use ( I only trust Young Living Essential Oils after lengthy research and education), it is one less set of chemicals from some processed or pre-packaged chemical or synthetic filled personal care item or cleaner that you are exposing your body to. Just that one substitution is so wonderfully freeing at a cellular level for your body, you just can't even imagine.

Yes, when we teach our classes we teach you the whole picture, because your emotional and physical health is contingent on the whole picture. We encourage you through educating you to consider going organic in your food choices, to cut out sugar and processed foods, to eat right, to exercise, to be mindful of your stress level and to go chemical free. And we take you through each part, step by step, so that it is not overwhelming. But, what I want everyone to understand is everyone has different levels of change they can handle or they are ready for. Heck, if I can get you to just throw away and never buy again aerosolized room sprays and artificial fragrances after a Basics 101 class, then I am a happy camper who knows I already made a huge difference in your health. It might be months before you take another step, and that's perfectly okay. 

Some people are ready for "big" change, and some need a little time and a slower pace. The cool thing about all the things we teach you is that YOU get to decide your pace, what changes are right for your family and how much time to invest in living a healthier lifestyle. And it is not as a difficult or time consuming as one might think. In fact, most of the things I do now in our home take way less time than my old lifestyle and choices allowed me.  And I know from being a life coach all these years that all changes are challenging. We are so "used to" doing things a certain way that it is easy to fall back into old habits. This is where our Young Living community excels! Being around other like minded people who are also striving to make those changes is hugely supporting, and we have all been in that beginner phase where we needed the guidance we are offering. 

If you've been teetering on the edge of wondering if becoming a Young Living member is the right choice for you, let me guide you through the first part- the answer is YES. That starter set of 12 oils and a diffuser rocked my world and started the cascade of changes I have made for my family in the 3 years since I first opened that box. We are healthier, we are toxin-free and we are all reaping the rewards and benefits that this lifestyle has allowed us. The monthly classes I teach here in my home for free and others I teach our in our community every month, along with our member group on Facebook are incredible support for you as you have questions and want to learn even more. Baby steps are okay, big steps are okay, you get to call the shots. We're ready to help you learn, so what do you say?

Become A Member Today:  www.getoiling.com/cheriricciardi

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