How Young Living Helped Me Find My Fearless Face

How Young Living Helped Me Find My Fearless Face

Five months. It has taken all of five months to fix something that has been an issue for me my whole life. 

From the time I was a teen I have struggled with acne. Some periods in my life it got better, others it got much worse. I have been on every medication from the birth control pill, to oral antibiotics daily, to any topical prescription cream you can name.

When my liver issues arose more than six years ago(please see my previous blog post on that if you are curious), the oral antibiotics were one of the first things to go. Cleared through the liver, over time these medications can wreak havoc on this precious organ. Ever since then I have struggled with the embarrassment, the pain and the annoyance of it. I had a drawer full of concealers in various tones and shades for the time of the year, an arsenal of face washes, and when I switched to eating organics and a more healthy lifestyle free of chemicals almost two years ago, I traded out the poison filled arsenal with more natural variations of the same. I also have an amazing dermatologist on speed dial.  Nothing worked.

Then about five months ago I invested in going to Young Living Beauty School out in Utah near our home office. I had had so much success in supporting my body emotionally and physically using Young Living Essential Oils, and I knew that certain oils were very beneficial to skin health, but I wanted to really learn how to care for my skin once and for all and see if it made a difference. 

Needless to say what I learned in those few short days has changed my life in ways that some may deem unimportant, but I will tell you this-as a woman, how we FEEL when we step into the light has so much to do with our confidence, with our capabilities and how we taken on the world. While I knew I was successful in various sectors of my life, I didn't FEEL pretty with my skin the way it was and I was aware it was having a subconscious effect on me. 

Young Living Taught Me How to Properly Care For My Skin & Gave Me The Products To Do It 

Over the hours I spent at Beauty School I learned how skin cells actually function, I learned what they needed for optimal health and I learned the catastrophic effect of sugar on your skin, as well as how digestive health related to skin health. I was taught how to properly wash, cleanse, tone and moisturize, all with products that instantly within about two hours took down the level of redness and swelling I had when I arrived. Most importantly, I learned about how good and chocked full of essential oils the products I was using at school actually were, absent of horrible synthetics and toxic materials that had invaded my personal arsenal for too long. 

 I was also told that it just might get a little worse BEFORE it got better and to stick with it. You see, when you start a detoxifying process your skin does just that. It takes time to pull from down below everything bad and get it out, so you need to be patient and allow your body to do that now that you have given it the right environment. Within two months I was no longer wearing my face concealer/powder. And this morning, roughly five months after changing my beauty routine I went to my monthly massage appointment completely make up free and did not shrink back in horror when my therapist went to touch my face as the final relaxation technique at the end. 

I have been told countless times over the past few months that my skin glows and been asked what I have been doing to make it look that way . A more persuasive endorsement I do not think you could find! I have now offered two smaller versions of Beauty School here in my home for my oily team and will be doing another this fall. I smile at myself in the mirror every morning and am in awe of what already is an amazing difference, although my understanding is the pinnacles of change come at the six month and one year mark. I literally can't wait to see how much better it gets because I already love it!

I wanted to share my story because I know there are more of you out there.

I understand all too well the endless search for what will clear your skin or make you feel pretty. The answer was in nature's medicine chest all along and I couldn't be happier that I opened that door.

For more information on what sets Young Living's Beauty Products apart you may choose from the links below:

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Here's to finding your fearless face~



 Life Is Hard...And So I Oil

Life Is Hard...And So I Oil

The Universe/God/The Divine has been toying with me lately. Often, of late,  I question if there is a giant game board on which I a merely a pawn. Then I remember that God/The Divine/Gaia/Whatever you wish to call It/Him/They/Her  loves me and I reorient myself in my faith and move on. That is the power of faith. It swoops in and comforts you when everything around you seems to be going awry.

The thing is, life is hard sometimes. For everyone. We all have our up moments, our down times and those times when we feel like we just can't catch a break. Sometimes we handle those times better than others. Sometimes... we don't.  Needless to say, as a personal and spiritual coach I spend my time encouraging and supporting others on how to get through the rough spots. Coaching myself, however...well that doesn't always work as flawlessly as I'd like.

It is in these moments, the lowest of lows, that I force myself to remember what I teach. When all seems lost there is still always something to be grateful for. If you are experiencing a loss, focus on what remains. If you are feeling sad, refresh your memory on what can make you smile. If you feel you can't go on, have gratitude for the air you breathe. It's not always easy, but it is definitely better than succumbing to the abyss of despair.

Most people have something they reach for during these times. For me it has always been my faith, the outdoors and spiritual connection/meditation. I am truly blessed that each one of my "saving practices" has been enhanced and made richer with the use of essential oils. When I started with them about 19 months ago I was looking to support my body physically and was hoping to find something to help me relax. Their properties have exceeded any expectations I may have imagined and as a bonus, I found that their scent, combined with my "saving practices" have given me yet another thing to be grateful for.

I feel a stronger connection to my faith and the outdoors with the herbaceous, woodsy aromas of Cedarwood and Spruce. Spiritually, Frankincense, Sacred Frankincense and Sandalwood all help me feel the love of the Light Above. When I am weary the scent of Lavender facilitates easing me into slumber. When my mind is troubled the soothing sounds from Aria Diffuser combined with my favorite blends help calm and focus me to give me the resolve to go on.  And think therein lies the key. When life becomes too jumbled, when it all seems overpowering, we need to remember to breathe, to reconnect, to feel the essence of ourselves. If I had to describe the most frustrating thing in all of the melee of our life lately, it is that and that alone-I feel like in the process of caring for everyone else, all the responsibilities, all the tasks that I have lost some of the essence of my own soul.

Thankfully my faith is strong, my future bright and my oil shelf fully stocked. This phase, too, shall pass and will work itself out. I know all too well the toll that can be taken on the body when it endures stress for too long a period of time. I am grateful for all that I have learned living this healthier lifestyle, this more educated existence so I can make good choices and be surrounded by amazing, supportive people that live and believe and think like I do and help feed me healthy foods, make sure I get out for a walk and share their favorite oils for me to try.  I have been given the greatest gifts to help me make it through... and for that I can always find gratitude....

Abundant Oily Blessings To You & Yours~


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