Organize, meet, follow up, & grow

With GetOiling's Website, Marketing, Events & Meeting System Personal Website • Contacts & Lead Capture • Video Conferencing with Zoom • Email, Text, & Picture Marketing
Reminders • To-Dos • Events & RSVP • Blog • And more for your YL business • Starting at $7 USD/month
  • Attract & manage leads with pre-built or custom lead capture pages and your own contact manager
  • Follow-up with contacts automatically using pre-written or your own* email, text, & picture message marketing
  • Meet with your prospects and team wherever you're at with Zoom video conferencing
  • Know what to do next with To-Do items & Follow-Up Plans
  • Automatic follow-up assistant tells you who to contact next
  • Share your story & photo; get found online
  • Simplify your marketing: schedule bulk emails & texts in advance so you can prepare your marketing all at once
  • Stand out with your own blog
  • Draw visitors back with fresh content from your favorite blog*
  • Streamline event preparation with events RSVP & payments*
  • Choose from several website themes
  • Easy to use GetOiling back office
  • Love it or your money back within 30 days
  • Compliance guarantee & frequent updates
  • Personal website and tools for any country, with choices of USA, Australia, Canada, Singapore, or Global (English)
  • Canadian sites include NHP products*
  • Starter Kit Page
* Certain plans only

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Auto Email & Text Follow Up, & Send Newsletters

Automatically follow up with contacts by email, text, or picture message (MMS) with our pre-written content. Or write your own content and use that. Let GetOiling follow up for you! Send email, text, or picture message newsletters to all or selected contacts whenever you want, including specific legs in your team. Schedule messages in advance so you can prepare your entire marketing calendar for the month all at once.

Build Relationships

Built-in Zoom video conferencing software lets you build closer relationships from wherever you are. Meet with your team and prospects face-to-face, all included with your GetOiling system.

Capture & manage leads

Choose from one of many optional landing pages to require your visitor to register with their name and email address to view your site, capturing leads from your website directly into your GetOiling contact manager, with automatic email, text, or picture message follow-up marketing. Or build your own landing pages. You may also enter contacts by hand or import from the corporate back office. Learn more.

Simple Visitor Sign-Up On Your Personal Website

Educate, guide, and easily sign up new distributors or retail customers with your distributor number pre-filled. Or use your short direct branded-to-you sign-up link to send people right to the membership sign-up site.

Follow-Up Reminders

Follow-Up Plans make it easy to stay in regular contact with your prospects, customers, and team. Get automatic reminders for whatever actions and dates you choose, like making phone calls, mailing thank-you gifts, checking in on their new starter kit, anniversaries, and more. Or, give each contact a rating and then let the automatic follow-up assistant remind you to contact the person on a regular basis if you haven't done so.

Tailor to Your Market

Showcase a featured product group called a "product theme", such as healthy living, body systems, pets, and more.

Recruit Team Members

Included with most plans, the Opportunity page explains the Independent Distributor business opportunity in an easy to understand way. See example.

Help Your Team Succeed

Our Leg Builder links can help your new team members, and more. Learn more.

With our referral program, your referral gets 50% off their first month, and you get a credit too. Learn more.

Promote & RSVP Events

Show your events like home parties, calls, conferences, and webinars right on your website. Once they are over, events are automatically hidden from your website so you have one less thing to worry about. Included with most plans, the Events RSVP system can simplify your event planning. Track attendees, allow people to register for events on your website, email and text invitations, and more. Create to do items and follow-up plans for your events so you can get reminded about your tasks before and after the event. Optionally create your own PayPal "Buy Now" button and add it to your event to accept payments online.

Get Found Online & Stand Out With A Blog

Your prospects can find your Young Living™ personal website online with our search engine optimized sites. If you'd like, upload a photo and personalize your site with your story in your own words. Take your online presence to the next level with a custom domain and email, with no redirect.

Write your own blog posts if you'd like, or go with the Basic, Premium or Pro plan so blog posts from your favorite blog automatically appear on your website.

Welcome Your International Visitors

Your visitors can select their country and your website will change to show products for their country. Canadian sites feature Health Canada approved NHP (Natural Health Product) information.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Sign up in under 5 minutes. Get email support with your website at . The GetOiling back office has tutorial videos for how to use your new system, too.

Customer Testimonials

  • Total KUDOS to you for simplifying a website!! I've had a couple of sites before and customizing it from the ground up was exhausting!! I LOVE my GetOiling site!! The blog features are the easiest I've ever encountered! And I used to have a WordPress.. and that was a pain! You're seriously amazing!! Thank you for creating GetOiling and for making it with affordable options because it's going to make my business so much easier, in an elegant, sleek, and stylish way!! You need to know that you're really helping us in our businesses!! That's a BIG deal!!

    Paola California, USA
  • Is there somewhere I can give you 5 stars for customer service, 5 stars for ease of use in your website back office, and an extremely attractive and interactive website for your clients??? You rock! Thanks!

    Barbara Wisconsin, USA
  • We appreciate you as hosts! You guys have been such a great group to work with. The back end support has been incredible. That alone is worth the price of admission let alone the fact that the site looks amazing, is super functional and 100% Canadian compliant (which has been a challenge in itself). We will gladly support and refer a forward thinking proactive group such as GetOiling!

    Tonia & Colin British Columbia, Canada
  • I can truly say I LOVE it. I live to work smarter, not harder and this helps me do that and be more efficient! Thank you!

    Elyse Missouri, USA
  • I have been with YL since 1996, and have used several duplicating websites, considered others recently but have never seen one that is so attuned aesthetically to my vision. I love the open space and whiteness! Also, the simplicity of the message, yet its profound impact. I have been searching for over a year to find the perfect way to introduce myself to future business builders, and I've found it in your website system! Thank you.

    Susan California, USA
  • First off I love the easiness of it all. I love that it auto updates and there are videos and product links to go back to the corporate website. That people can sign up through this as well. I love that I can change it up every month if I want because I don't want the same website all the time... Overall I am extremely satisfied. And I have already had one person go to the website and book an appointment with me to discuss oils. And she found it very informative. Thanks again for an amazing product.

    Casey Florida, USA


Choose The Perfect Plan For Your Independent Distributor Business.
Custom domain with email available for an additional $10/mo. Free with annual payment!
Select the "Please add a custom domain and email address" checkbox on the Sign-Up screen to add this option.

All prices in USD.

Frequently Asked Questions

Email us at with any questions!

Q. Are you compliant?

Yes! We take all steps to be compliant with applicable regulations governing the content of our sites.

We take that a step further with our Compliance Guarantee: If any content is found to not be in compliance, we will remove or change content on all of our customers' sites to be compliant as soon as possible so that you don't have to worry. We're continually updating your website so you don't have to.

Q. Do you have any sample sites?

Yes! Click the links below to see demo sites.

Landing page demo site

Body Systems Sample Website SeedStarterBasicPremiumProDiamond
Basic Oils Sample Website SeedStarterBasicPremiumProDiamond
Healthy Homes Sample Website SeedStarterBasicPremiumProDiamond
Makeup Sample Website SeedStarterBasicPremiumProDiamond
Dietary Sample Website SeedStarterBasicPremiumProDiamond
Babies Sample Website SeedStarterBasicPremiumProDiamond
Kids & Babies Sample Website SeedStarterBasicPremiumProDiamond
Healthy Living Sample Website SeedStarterBasicPremiumProDiamond
Pets Sample Website SeedStarterBasicPremiumProDiamond
Basic Oils Sample Website SeedStarterBasicPremiumProDiamond
Healthy Homes Sample Website SeedStarterBasicPremiumProDiamond
Makeup Sample Website SeedStarterBasicPremiumProDiamond
Basic Oils Sample Website SeedStarterBasicPremiumProDiamond
Healthy Homes Sample Website SeedStarterBasicPremiumProDiamond
Makeup Sample Website SeedStarterBasicPremiumProDiamond
Dietary Sample Website SeedStarterBasicPremiumProDiamond
Basic Oils Sample Website SeedStarterBasicPremiumProDiamond
Healthy Homes Sample Website SeedStarterBasicPremiumProDiamond
Global Sample Website SeedStarterBasicPremiumProDiamond

Q. How does my GetOiling website, meeting, and marketing system benefit me?

  • Organize your contacts and let us do the follow-up for you by email, text, or picture message.
  • We're your personal assistant with our follow-up plans that remind you of your to-do items to help you build your relationships and team.
  • Rate your contacts from 1-5 and let the automatic follow-up assistant tell you who to reach out to next, based on how high you rate each contact.
  • Send email, text, and/or picture message (MMS) newsletters and blog posts to your contact list whenever you choose. Or schedule them in advance so you can prepare all your marketing materials for the month up front, and then sit back and let GetOiling send them out on your chosen schedule.
  • Build personal relationships by meeting face-to-face online with built-in Zoom video conferencing.
  • Import your contacts from the corporate back office to save data entry and keep your contact list up to date.
  • Your website is your online business card, education, and sign-up tool.
  • Set up your web presence in 5 minutes with your name, contact information, photo, story, and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Easy prospect sign-up. Your distributor number is filled out so prospects can sign up without having your number.
  • Help grow your organization by providing a website for your business builders. Your new sign-up gets 50% off their first month. You get a credit equal to 50% of their first month.
  • More time to work on your business. We're constantly updating the site so you don't have to worry about content or compliance.
  • Tailor the content to your needs by selecting a product theme, such as toxin-free living.
  • Keep your visitors coming back: blog posts from your favorite blog automatically show on your website, and you can write your own blog posts. Available on some plans only.
  • Use the Events RSVP system to make managing events easier. Share your events by posting them on your website, email invitations to your events, and let people RSVP right on your website. Track to-do items for your events to get reminded about tasks before and after events. Accept payments for your events online if you use the PayPal "buy now" button.
  • Visitors are shown links to online resources that guide them in their oiling journey.
  • Flexibility to change plans, contact info, and product themes at any time. We will grow with you as your business grows.
  • 30 day "love your system" money back guarantee. Try us out without any risk! Learn more.
  • See website traffic by integrating a third party tool such as Google Analytics, available on some plans.

We are hosted by Liquid Web, who can handle extremely high traffic volumes, so you can be confident your site will be up and available for you and your visitors when they are.

Q. How does blogging work?

You have a choice of two powerful blogging features. All plans allow you to write your own posts. Your own posts can include a photo as well. If you have the Basic or higher plan, posts and photos from your favorite blog can appear on your site automatically. Both your posts and outside posts can appear together, but you may choose to turn off outside posts if you only want your posts to appear.

Q. How does the referral program work?

If you refer someone, we'll credit your account for 1/2 of one month's subscription fee for the person you refer if both the person you refer and you are still active customers after the 30 day trial is over. The person you refer gets half off his or her first month.

Referring someone is easy. Each GetOiling website has a sign-up link that tells us who you sent to us so you can get credit for the referral. Just send your referral to your website and tell them to click the link at the bottom of your page. It's that simple!

Q. What are marketing credits?

Every plan has a certain number of marketing credits. One marketing credit is used when you send an email to a contact through our contact manager, either manually or through our automatic email marketing system. Text messages start at 15 credits per message. Picture messages (MMS) start at 40 credits per message. You can purchase add-on credit packages either on a monthly or one-time basis if you need more than your current plan offers.

Marketing credits renew every month for the amount shown above in the Pricing section. So, if you use up all your marketing credits one month, they will start over again on your monthly billing date (or on the day of the month you originally signed up when you're on an annual payment plan).

Q. What does your marketing suite and contact manager offer?

We have an easy to use, robust contact manager with powerful segmentation capabilities. Industry-standard contact information is tracked along with membership anniversary date (so we can send you a reminder) and their member number. You can get contacts into your contact manager by entering them manually or importing contacts from the corporate back office. Also, when visitors contact you on your website, we capture their information and enter a contact record in your contact manager and automatically add them to an automatic email campaign to follow up for you.

In addition, the contact manager offers tagging so you can segment your contacts. You may assign any arbitrary tags you choose to any contact. For example, "Financial Freedom", "Came to Class", "Crossline", "Silver", and "My Leaders" are some ideas. You can filter contacts by contact information and tags, then send all matching contacts an email, text or picture message or add a follow-up plan or automated marketing campaign. When you import contacts, you may also assign a tag to imported contacts. This lets you import multiple lists from other tools while retaining the ability to send to that list after being imported into GetOiling.

We also have a variety of pre-written automatic emails that we send to your contacts on your behalf, by email, text, or picture message.

Email opens, link clicks, and email delivery status are tracked as well for emails you send a contact, which you can see inside your contact manager. You may add to-do items to any individual contact as well and optionally establish due dates on each one. You'll be sent a daily reminder and contact activity email about to-do items with due dates on the day a task is due along with activity from your contacts on the previous day. An email will not be sent to you if you don't have any to-do items or contact activity. The daily contact activity email contains a link to go directly to the contact in your contact manager so you can see what they did and take action if you'd like, such as contacting them.

You may also automate reminding yourself of your to-do items by creating one or more "follow-up plans". A follow-up plan is a series of to-do items that you want to do on specific days after you add a follow-up plan to a contact. For example, if you'd like to remind yourself to call the contact after 8 days, 30 days, and 60 days, send them a care package on day 45, etc., you can create these follow-up plans and apply them to your contacts. When you mark your to-do item as done, it automatically shows up in the contact's Past Actions, which is a history of actions on their record.

If you frequently send the same messages, we also offer Saved Replies. A Saved Reply is an email response that you can just choose from a menu rather than writing it out. For example, if you often email "Hi, I'm wondering if you have time to get together this week. What day and time work for you?" then you could save that in a Saved Reply and never have to type it again.

You can manually email, text, or picture message your contacts, which then shows in your contact manager along with the message you sent. If you have done something that GetOiling cannot capture, such as mailing a care package, you can record that you did that by creating a Past Action and noting what you did.

You may also choose your default marketing campaign to automatically send to new web leads per country. This means you'll be sending your prospects information relevant to and compliant in their market.

We also comply with spam laws. All our emails have opt-out links. Anybody who reports an email as spam is removed immediately from receiving future emails. Recipients of texts or picture messages may opt out of all future text or picture messages by replying STOP and can resume at any time by replying START.

Q. Who has the GetOiling marketing suite?

Here are some of our customers:

Q. How should I use my GetOiling website?

There are many ways! Here are a handful of ideas to get you started.

  • Use your website as a presentation tool. Find a prospect, send that person to your website so they can learn more about the company and its products, then follow up with that person after they have visited your site.
  • Put your website on your business card so people can learn more than can fit on a business card.
  • At an event, have people enroll as a distributor or retail customer right from your website.
  • Use it as an educational and closing tool for those who "want to think about it".
  • Complement your other online marketing strategies, such as Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, YouTube, etc. Link to your website from those other tools from your Facebook and Twitter posts, and put it on videos or mention your website address in your live broadcasts.

Q. I don't have a domain, but I want one. How do I do that?

If you don't have a domain but want one, we'll take care of all the details so you don't have to. Email hosting for up to two addresses is included from us if you'd like. If you get a domain, someone will be in touch within a couple of business days using the email address you provided during sign-up to get started.

Q. What does the business builder page look like?

View a sample business builder page. The Business Builder page explains the business opportunity in an easy to understand way.

Q. What does the starter kit page look like?

View a sample starter kit page. Available on all plans, the starter kit page shows what starter kits are available.

Q. What is GetOiling's product design philosophy?

At GetOiling, we believe in creating quality products handcrafted from our years of software and web development expertise. GetOiling is a great product and we charge for it. Our customers can know GetOiling has the incentive to continually make our websites better without fearing that we'll be gone tomorrow.

Our quality standards include simplicity, power, and elegance. We want you and your visitors' every experience with GetOiling to be simple to understand and use, deliver powerful features and value, and look and perform elegantly.

Q. I already have a domain. Can I use it?

If you already have a domain, you can use it for your GetOiling website. Or, if you don't have a site at your domain but you have email from another provider, we can accommodate that too. E-mail us at for our domain and email hosting packages.

Q. Are your sites SEO-friendly?

Yes! Our sites are search engine friendly and will be indexed by Google and other search engines. Any content that you publish on your blog will be found and indexed as well to help your site stand out and be found.

Q. What leg builder tools do you offer?

We offer both the ability to change your sponsor and enroller numbers for the sign-up link on your main website. We also feature leg builder links, a great tool for helping build your organization.

A leg builder link allows you to provide a link to your website with the enroller and/or sponsor number of anyone you specify. You may also customize the country and product theme (healthy homes, body systems, etc.) that your site visitor will be shown and which country will be auto-selected if they choose to join as a member.

What are some ways to use these powerful links?

Helping your new business builders. This can be useful for new business builders in your organization who want online presentation material for sharing with new people but aren't ready to get their own website yet. This allows you to provide a website for them that they can use that puts you or people you choose as the sponsor and/or enroller when a new person enrolls for a membership using the link. Your photo, story, and contact info shows on the website, but the sign-up link pre-fills the sponsor and enroller membership numbers you choose.

Building a "leg" in your organization. If you are building a "leg" in your organization, you can use these links to place new members under specific members in your downline.

Showing different product themes. Create links for other product themes so you can share them without switching the theme on your main site. For example, if you want to have Body Systems as your main product theme but would like to share a link to a Kids & Babies version on social media for a specific advertising campaign, you can do that.

Working with current or future members in other countries. You can also create links for signing up new members in other countries. For example, if you live in the United States but you have someone in Canada who would like to sign up, you can create a special link to your website that will direct them to the Canadian sign-up page. If you choose a different country for your link, it will also change the products to be appropriate for that country! At the same time, you can change the product theme; for example, if you live in the US and are using the Body Systems theme, you can set up a link to show the Australian Healthy Homes theme.