March 2019 - Long Month but Spring is coming
Wow! What happened to February?  
Famous for the shortest month of the year - it just flew by.  So fast, that I missed the deadline for my blog.  I woke up this morning and realized that I hadn't written it yet! So not like me.  It seems that all this month has been like that - just a whirlwind and sometimes that's how life is.  Rushing to get tasks accomplished, rushing to  go to work, rushing to come home and (if you have kids) rushing to get them to all their activities.  Sometimes we forget to slow down - take a breath!
Did you know that oils can help you in lots of ways?  Whether it is to help you get through those crazy tasks or to calm your mind - break open those tiny brown bottles and breathe in their goodness.
Frankincense - often called "the squrrel oil" use it to keep your mind set on a task.  It will keep you grounded.  Do you feel panicked when rushing around? Use this oil to calm yourself.
Peace & Calming - Often while we are rushing we find it hard to shut down when we go to bed.  PnC in your diffuser at night can help you mind to shut down and sleep peacefully.
Valor - what a great oil for giving you the confidence to get through any task.  Place a drop over your heart in the morning to face the day.  
Lavender - Do your little ones feel rushed? What a great oil this is for them!  Mix with some coconut oil and rub on their feet.  They need calming too.
Envision - This blend helps you to remain productive, boosts your creativity and helps you to stay on task.  Put it in a diffuser necklace to breathe in as you need.
Clarity - Often when we rush we become disorganized and scatter-brained.  This blend helps you bring clarity to your tasks - helps you stay focused.
There are so many Young Living Essential Oils that help us get though this thing we call "life".  Do your research - try different oils and see what works for you.  
Slow down and enjoy the journey.



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