My name is Ray Shim. 
As the founder of Enriched Connections and the co-founder of Heart Scents Wellness, I love helping people to release mental and emotional blocks which prevent them from achieving greater personal and business success.  

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I live in Canada, and I'm most likely on a Zoom call right now (these days, who isn't, right?) So just book a discovery session with me on Calendly and see what your possibilities are.
What I can help you with:
Lifestyle Freedom Coaching 
Let's work together to set up a personalized plan for you. 
Creating Work-Life Balance
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Connecting With Like-Minded People  
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What people are saying about working with Ray

I have been using AFT for many years since I attended one of Ray’s first classes on this topic. This is how I help people stop sabotaging themselves! Ray does an incredible job of helping people identify the link between past events and feelings and encouraging the creation of new mindsets all with the application of specific oils helping one access the subconscious mind. This class is simply brilliant and so is he!
Ray has helped me with many issues. The most current one was around what was holding me back from successfully building my side business. During our session, what came up for me was that I have a fear of trying hard and still not being successful. After exploring the origins of that feeling, I was able to move on to a feeling of excitement and develop an affirmation to be used morning and evening. I had only been speaking and feeling the affirmation for 3 days when I received communications from people who wanted my services! Ray is a great guide and listener who leads the session through prompting with insightful questions when and if you get stuck, He has helped me with several issues throughout the years and I highly recommend his services!
  • Teresa Dea
I recommend Ray Shim using the Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT). In May 2017, I had a 2-hour experience with Ray and AFT. My experience that day with Ray was very positive. He walked all of us, through the process, using the specific oils, without judgment and in his own gentle, probing way.  This process will help you make the changes when you're ready, and Ray is an excellent facilitator for this because he knows the way, he knows how to support you gently and confidently, always focusing on your needs and your goal. With AFT and Ray Shim, we have the opportunity and potential to make these changes and better our lives, quickly and easily. Go for it!
  • Arlene Anisman

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