Oils and Emotions ( All the Feels)

Some of my biggest Ah ha moments with Essential  oils have been the emotional affects.  This is something I see over and over again when I work with animals. Watching my horse choose an oil and then watching him relax tells me there is more to this than just a comforting smell. 

Our emotions can play a big role in our physical well being, they are very much related and we do have tools that can help us to balance the two. Many times we have physical symptoms that stem from a poor emotional state. Anyone who has been through severe stress knows what I am talking about. Stress  can take an immense toll on our body and it should be acknowledged instead of accepted.

For this gathering we will sip on some wine and pass around some of the most beautiful oils I have in my collection and talk about all the feels. 

Please RSVP so I can plan accordingly. Feel free to bring a friend if you think they would be interested in smelling and learning about some amazing oils.

This will be held at my home so please message me for the address since this will be public



Ditch and Switch! plus Hacks

Out with the old and TOXIC! 

First, we are going to chat about where you can find some pretty destructive chemicals that are hiding in products we use everyday. We will talk about how they disrupt hormones, interfere with development, and how they affect us, our children, and our pets.
Second, we will find ways to replace the ones we need to ditch

Last, we will talk about strategies to get the most for your money. Hacks for stretching your new product, making your own, and the most cost effective way to buy them.

If you have any tips you want to share with the group please share.

This is going to be geared towards current Young Living Members but new people are welcome to come as well.


This will be at my home, please message me for the address since this will be posted publicly.

Please RSVP so I can plan accordingly.