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"Oils are for Hippies!"

“Oils are for Hippies”, is exactly what I thought of essential oils before I was introduced the Young Living brand of oils.  I HATED the smell of Patchouli, and that association spread to all other oils.  Occasionally I would wander through the local Whole Food Market or Sprouts and stop and sample an oil or two but to me, they really smelled bad so I was not in the least bit interested.   I thought they were awful smelling perfumes, nothing more...

A few years ago I had been consistently not feeling well.  After repeated visits to the doctor I was diagnosed with not one but two auto immune disorders.  Part of me thought that this was my destiny because I watched my Mother pass away from one of the diseases I had just been labeled with.  Knowing my situation, my older daughter (who is a Naturopathic Physician) asked me if I would be interested in trying some essential oils because she had been working with them for a bit and had some fantastic  outcomes with them. I said sure, I’d give them a try.  I thought she wanted me to go down to Whole Foods and get a bunch of them and I knew in my heart that wasn’t going to happen. Well she knows me pretty well, so she just packaged up a few oils and sent an entire bottle of this drink called Ningxia Red (which by the way was utterly delicious) and mailed them to me.  I had no idea what all these products were used for but she gave me some instructions and I faithfully followed them because I could see that she had gone out of her way to send all this to me and honestly, I didn't want to hear her nag at me.  

 It was only about two weeks and I began to notice a real difference in how I was feeling physically.  The sharp random shooting pains and general aching had diminished and I could bend over and pick up my shoes off the floor again.   Needless to say, this started me seriously looking into these little bottles of oils!  I decided then to go ahead and purchase the Young Living Premium Starter Kit and began to enthusiastically read every single bit of information I could find on oils to try and educate myself.   

What I have learned has changed my entire life, and altered my whole attitude toward my own health and wellness.  No longer do I just accept what I am told at face value in regards to my health and well-being. I have learned that many illnesses are entirely preventable and come from the environment (I always thought it was genetic).  Slowly as I learned more and more about the toxic products that the average American uses in their homes, I began to swap out those toxins and adopted a non-toxic lifestyle via the Young Living products.  Oils have become my passion!

If you have actually taken the time to read this entire post, then you are to be commended!  I love sharing what I have learned and if you have an interest in the best quality essential oils and  a healthier lifestyle, please contact me as there are powerful natural healing substances available (that are legal) to  you.    I can’t wait to hear from you!

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Updates from Jen Kroo

Connecting... Really Connecting

Connecting...  Really Connecting
September launches for me a magical time of the year.  I think of September as the gateway to the remainder of the year that fills me with warmth and fondness.   It's also a time of year that I tend to go inside and become much more reflective about life.

I have been contemplating the word connection a lot these last few weeks.  I've been asking myself; How I can more fully connect with the people and environment around me?   This is not a new thought for me, it is a path that was started years ago but recently it has descended deeper, and I find myself delving into the unknown depths.   

You see, a few months ago a momentary incident happened that changed and broadened my perspective . It came about in a very normal setting that instantly became abnormal for me.   Many people have animals as pet, I currently have two cats.  One, a new little rascally kitten named Taz, and the other is our large Mancoon Mix named Stevie Ray .  

It was a morning just like many others, nothing unusual or abnormal at all.  I had just finished putting on my makeup and for some reason I felt compelled to look out in the hallway.  Sitting up and staring straight at me with  complete attention, was our big cat Stevie.  Normally I would just glance out and go on about my business but this time when I looked at him I did a double take as I saw "something" inside him intently looking back at me. I felt the shivers go up my spine and a shock go through my body.    It was one of those moments that tend to rattle you.  

In that moment I realized I was looking at a sentient being, it wasn't a "cat" at all.  Intelligence and presence was staring at me eyeball to eyeball.  Time kind of stood still for a moment as I stood there looking at him.  I felt like I was looking at something that I had never really "seen" before.  I was changed by that moment, I felt deeply humbled and rather embarrassed at my arrogance and self-absorption.  Embarrassed because I had never really "looked" at him before.  Never noticed or gave any respect to his spirit or soul before.  Frankly, my attitude toward him was that he was a "pet" that we owned and cared for.  

This so resonated with me that I began to think through my life and wonder how often do I do that to the people or situations that are so familiar in my world?  Then last week I saw a social media post by Ram Dass where he was talking about how a person had counted him  insignificant and irrelevant,  and how that made him feel.   I had to wonder how often do I do that to others?   As I sat in retrospection, I could clearly see situation where I am guilty of this myself, especially if someone does something I consider unacceptable or downright mean.

So, how does all this relate to September?  I love this time of the  year.  To me, the holiday season begins September 1st.  I know that right around the corner, I can anticipate many gatherings of family and friends.  This year,  I want to be present.  I want to feel more than think.  I want to look at people in the eye and connect with them on a soul level.  I want to look at everything with wonder and not take any of it for granted.  Tall order, I know, but that is my goal.  I know I am going to need help with this... 

I am so grateful that Mother Nature has bountifully supplied help in this area.  There are many essential oils that can assist me with both introspection and bring about emotional balance.   Frankincense is my go to oil for enhancing my meditative practice and to try to stay connected to my true Source.  A friend also introduced me to Believe and Inspiration and honestly, I can't get enough of these two oils.  These oils lift my spirit and I feel clean and new inside.  I have a diffuser at work and my office mates just love the smell of these when I have my diffuser running.   Release assists me when I just need to let go and not prove to others how "right I am".  I have learned to pick and choose my battles and Release somehow helps me distinguish when I need to stand my ground, or just let the issue ride.

So as we head into Fall, I invite you to join me in connecting.  Connecting to each other and with our Source...

Much Light and Love to You~   Jen 

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