Waiting for the day you wake up the perfect Proverbs 31 woman?  
Well sister, luckily God isn't expecting you to. But as we partner with Him in stewarding ALL the areas of our life - our hope, our heart, or home, and our health - we can grow in living simply, beautifully, and Biblically.

For the Christian Woman

As women, we have SO much to steward. We have to be the gatekeepers of our homes, our mind, our relationships, our bodies, our families, all while trying to love Jesus & be a beautiful woman at the same time.  And with all the information & options out there, it can all be overwhelming. But YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

So join in as we SIMPLIFY all we are called to steward as women:    home, natural beauty, non-toxic living, DIY, life hacks, modest fashion, wellness, easy nutritious recipes, stewarding our time, our finances, our life in God, and more

So get out with the old and in with the new. Go from overwhelmed to equipped. Discouraged to encouraged. And unsure to empowered. You CAN be the woman God created you to be, in every area.

My Story

Hello there! My name is Melissa Faisst, also know as Mel! And welcome to the Modestly Mel Blog.

I wear a lot of “hats” in life & do “all the things” that “sound” pretty cool: I run an online Christian Ministry, I have a Christian Youtube Channel, a women’s Christian lifestyle YouTube Channel, I host a daily devotional style Christian podcast called Mornings with Mel, all while running a Wellness Business & a Christian Clothing Brand.

Oh, and did I mention I am a wife to a retired professional athlete, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a co-owner of my husbands real estate & motocross coaching businesses, and a full time dog mom? Yeah, my head is spinning too.

But more important than all the things I DO, I am just a girl saved by grace trying to love Jesus in every area of life.

Over the years I have learned that it's not "less godly" to focus on my health. It's not "less godly" to want to feel beautiful. It's not "less godly" to have a hospitable home. And it's not "more godly" to completely ignore all of the responsibilities in life in the name of "serving God" and end up burnt out, bitter, and sick.

The Proverbs 31 woman stewarded all the things in life God entrusted to her. So let's go on a journey together, intentionally partnering with Jesus in our heart, hope, health, and homes so we can live in the fullness of our destiny in Him.

The Fun Facts

Things I cant live without...

Jesus & the Bible (obviously), but also my husband, dog, family, and coffee

I am from...

Born in TX. Raised in CO. Live in KC.

On the weekends I'm...

getting ready for the next week & watching football

My favorite Movie is...

The Chosen (more of a show than a movie but hey)

Something people don't 
typically know about me...

I used to be a model and a straight heathen before I became a Christian

My favorite place on this planet...

in corporate worship with the saints

Welcome to Modestly Mel

My Testimony

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