blog #12

I’ve noticed things about myself I wish that I could say are not true.
The devil sure knows how to take the simple things and make them a big deal in my head.

I know that as I live in another country, and I need to learn to trust God but it is so hard.
It’s hard to see the good in the little things when the days are hard.
It’s hard to see them when you want to give up and go home.
It’s hard to see them when you feel so alone in every day.
It’s so hard to go out of your comfort zone.
It is just plain hard. 

All I can think of is that THIS is God plan.
THIS is what God wanted me to do.
THIS is why I went to Precepts for all those years. 
THIS is why I love kids. 
THIS is why I love so big.
THIS is why I had this calling all those many years ago. 

The trials I face daily are going to produce endurance. 
They are going to produce faith.  

I am studying James for the second time and I can't begin to tell you how much of a blessing it is. 
The first time I studied it was when I made the decision to come to Uruguay. 
Now I am studying it here and the words are true now. 

James 1:2 it says consider it pure joy, when you face trials of all kinds because you know facing trials is testing your faith and produces endurance.

This is for me.
This is my verse.

blog #11

These last few days have been really hard on me.
With not being able to communicate, ask simple questions, and to even figure out what is going on. 
A week where everything is Spanish has been so hard.
I’ve felt like a child unable to leave her mother. 
Feeling helpless. 
It has to be the worst feeling ever. 

I have taken Spanish classes, but I don’t know what has help. 
I don’t know what is sticking. 
I don’t know what is helping. 
I don’t know at this moment if it will ever work. 
I want to learn but right now it’s so hard  

Let me tell you that is a lot harder than I had anticipated.
There are many days I want to give up and return home. 
I have been here a month and I am very homesick. 
I am missing my friends. 
I am missing my family 
I am missing my boyfriend. 
I miss being able to talk to just anyone. 
I miss driving with my friends. 
I miss being able to go to the grocery store and buy thing with a currency that I understand. 

I will be here for a year I made a commitment. 
I. Made. A. Commitment. 
That is what I am sticking to. 

For I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:19 
That is the verse that is getting me through my daily life.
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