Blog #7

Here is the thing. 
My parents have been divorced for awhile but let me tell you. 
This whole reminding of Father’s Day is just another way to make it harder to get over. 
I was talking to a friend of mine and he said “I just need to grieve the loss of my father by myself. I’m tired of people reminding me that he is gone. “ 
And even though my father is still alive, I get what he meant. 
I have lost him. 
I don’t have someone to walk me down the aisle. 
I don’t have someone to teach me how a guy should treat me. 
I don’t have someone to teach me how it’s not all about a guy. 
I have grieved my family situation. 
I have dealt with it or so I think. 
I have grieved that my sisters won’t have anyone to walk them down the aisle. 
I have grieved. 
I wrote this last year and it still is so true.
I wish everyone would remember it. 

Father's Day is, one of the hardest days I think for a family without one. 
I am a result of a family who has been broken by divorce. 
I know many people who just see it as the norm. 
It shouldn't be. 
I have been through more pain, more hurt, and more loss then any kid should. 
The pain of a divorce hurts every day. 
You have the constant reminder of it.
Fathers, please fight for your marriage. 
Fight for what is right please stand up and be the men God has called you to be. 
I can't stress that enough. 
Fathers, please raise your sons to be godly men. 
Teach your sons to cherish, love, and respect women.  
I pray everyday for my future husband. 
I pray that he will love me and cherish me the way God does.
 I pray that he will be able to be a leader in my home and be able to pass on a godly heritage to my children. 
I have learned through all of this, that God is my Father.
 I am thankful that I did learn that.

Blog #6

This week I am wondering what the meaning of what Family is. 
The definition of family is a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household.
But is it really?
See, I don't have much family anyways, but that is where I don't think family is blood. 
I grew up with not a lot of family. 
But here is the thing. 
A family isn’t just people who share blood with you 
It’s people who share life with you. 
Yes, they might irritate you. 
Of course, they are going to drive you crazy but what family doesn’t. 
My family consists of my blood relatives, and my friends who I couldn’t live without.
Those people who have been there with me through everything are my family. 
"To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there." ~Barbara Bush
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