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Majal "Love" Minguez
My name is Majal "LOVE" Minguez. I am a homeschooling mom, an autism mom, a physical therapist and an essential oil educator. I am married to my wonderful husband Jayson and we have two boys Tristan and Axel. 
My journey with essential oils began in 2013 when I was looking for something natural to help my son Axel, who was diagnosed with Autism. These precious molecules definitely exceeded my expectations. I consider essential oils to be one of the most priceless treasure that i have discovered in supporting our whole family's health and wellness. These oils are indeed "God's LOVE manifest in molecules!
I am passionate in sharing the powerful benefits of essential oils. I teach many essential oil classes, I mentor families in their oil journey, and I train oilers to become leaders in sharing and educating people to use essential oils for health and wellness.
 If you don't have essential oils in your life, you are missing out big time! We can't keep all these goodness to ourselves. Let us show you how to get started!!! Join the revOILution! Join my TRIBE!!!


Marilyn "Mama Lyn" Buenaflor
I am so thankful that God created essential oils and that i have access to the purest oils on earth. I use essential oils everyday to support my health and wellness. I love helping people, so i love sharing essential oils to my family and friends. If you are in the East Texas area, come and visit me at my Oil Drops DIY Shop. It's like a little "play place" for oilers. I would love to give you a hug and give you an awesome essential oil experience!

Marlo Adjankara
A year ago I knew absolutely nothing about essential oils. If you had mentioned them to me, I would have thought you were talking about something to cook with. I popped in to a Mother's Day "Make and Take" taught by Majal and boom the rest is history.  Her amazing testimony of how these oils had helped her son in his journey with autism catapulted me into action. I knew this was the answer I was looking for to support my own son and my entire family!! I have seen amazing results from these tiny, yet powerful molecules and know they are an expression of God's love and provision. Every home on earth and every system of your body needs and will benefit from using essential oils and it is my joy to share them with you!!!

Dana Powell
I have been using essential oils for about four years now and before I started, I was a big skeptic!!! My sister-in-law used them and I thought she was crazy, those couldn't work, right? My mom knew Majal and Majal had been inviting her to come to a class. So, Mom asked if I would like to go with her, I said "sure". That was like her first or second class and it so interested me! I fell in love with the idea of using safe, all natural products that God had created to keep my family healthy! One of the best decisions  I ever made. Not only have I learned so much, but I have met so many awesome people and made new friends along the way! I have also started increasing my family's income through working the business side of Young Living. I thank God for brining me this opportunity. My prayer is to be able to use this business as a ministry and through the use of the oils and the people I have met, God is drawing me closer to Him, too! He puts people and opportunities in our laps for a reason, I am so excited to see how my journey unfolds, won't you join me and see what He has in store for you?

Kelly May
My name is Kelly. I'm a Jesus loving, blended family Mom, an autism Mom, and a lover of anything kid related 😉 I started my essential oil journey almost a year ago now. After battling out food allergies I knew I was still missing something. It was the life changing essential oils Jesus gave us!  These oils have changed our lives! My family and I use these oils for everything from cleaning to immune support. Now we have the awesome new sun care line, Seedlings (baby) line, and Savvy Minerals (makeup) line! I thank Jesus each day for the oils, the friendships I've made, and the great leadership I am a part of under my oily momma, Majal,  who teaches us more about them. Don't wait as long as I did to start your oily life!!!

Kim Moyers
Almost 1 year ago I was invited to an essential oil class. I had heard great things about them but had never practiced them. After attending the class that Majal taught, i was very inspired by her testimony and I made the decision to purchase my kit and learn as much as possible. Since that day it has proved to be one of the best decisions I've made for myself, my family, and my grandchildren! I thank God for providing us with these life changing oils. I'm forever grateful and blessed to be apart of this journey!

Charlene Walker
Hello!! I started using oils over 8 years ago. I went through 2 other companies before getting to YL and I can tell you that these are GOD'S best! I have been with YL for 4 yrs. I started because I wanted a healthier way of taking care of my body and getting my husband off his chemically lab created prescriptions. Thanks to Love, YL and all the training, he no longer takes any! I am a JESUS loving woman with a heart to help others get more years out of life, a stronger walk with FATHER and more laughter! Come join the FUN (it's an oil)!

Mildred Trevino
Hi! My name is Mildred "Millie" Trevino. I am a housewife, married to my sweetheart Ben for 17 years. Even though we don't have children, we have a big family! We are always together - 7 nephews and nieces and a bunch of in-laws (17 in total)!
In 2015, I was introduced to the world of essential oils and felt at home right away. I had used other brands, but they did not benefit me at all, because i didn't know the basics of oil usage. Now, I see it my mission to share and educate anyone who would listen to me!
I use essential oils in every aspect of my life.  I started using them to support my bad health, and noticed improvements right away. My husband lets me oil him up when he comes home after a long day to sooth his muscles and joints. And with our aging pets, diffusing the oils in our home helps a lot! I am here, ready to be your guide! I guarantee, you will be HOOKED!




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Upcoming Events

 Oil Events for June 2018 by Majal "LOVE" Minguez

Oil Events for June 2018 by Majal "LOVE" Minguez

SPArty: Pamper Yourself
June 5, 2018 at 6pm
Oil Drops DIY Shop at 911 Ellis Avenue in Lufkin

After a whirlwind of activities in the month of May, YOU deserve some pampering that’s super nourishing yet easy on the budget. Give some LOVE on your face with an all natural facial. 
Each participant will DIY their own Foaming facial wash, exfoliating scrub, facial toner, and facial serum made with basic ingredients and infused with essential oils. Then each will receive a facial using the DIY product they made plus some of the best Young Living skin care line. 
Don’t keep this goodness to yourself ... bring a friend along! 

Fee: $25 for Share HIS Oils Team Members
$30 for guests and YL crosslines

Sip and Scan: Zyto Special
June 8, 2018 12-8pm
Oil Drops DIY Shop

DISCOUNTED ZYTO SCANS! Come by our shop from 12-8pm and get a Zyto Scan. A Zyto is an advance bio communications technology that can tell you which are the best oils for you. After the 10-minute Scan, you will know which specific oils can best support your body systems (hormone/endocrine, digestive, immune, detox system, emotional stress, sleep and more).
And, enjoy some oil-infused refreshment while you’re here.
Scans are usually $40/person, but we are offering it on this event for only $25/person. Bring your whole family for a Zyto Scan. Your body will thank you for it!

Bringing Home the Convention
June 23, 2018 1-3pm
Oil Drops DIY Shop

Our Share HIS Oils Team will bring the excitement, education, and wisdom of the 2018 Convention and share it with you. Join for a fun Saturday! Bring a friend!

For more Oil Education, join my Facebook Group "Majal Minguez - Oil Educator" or follow me on FB at "Whollymerry Majal Minguez". Check out my website at


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