Raindrop Technique!

Raindrop Technique!

Raindrop Technique


Rejuvenate the mind..Balance the body!     Enjoy the benefits of Raindrop Technique   today!
What  is Raindrop? Young living’s proprietary technique, that combines unique techniques and energy approaches with pure, authentic essential oils!  Harmonizing , rejuvenating, and relaxing experience-physically, mentally, and emotionally. Many of the essential oils used in technique are high in phenolic content, that ward off potentially damaging viruses and bacteria while cleansing cellular receptor sites to enhance and improve overall body functions. Purpose of raindrop technique is to stimulate every organ, muscle, and bone of the body at cellular level through essential oils, supporting the immune system, bringing body to balance, and release of toxins or disease in the body.
Benefits of Raindrop Technique and how it works!

Benefits of Raindrop- Detox, relaxation, and awaken internal healing through essential oils!
Combination of techniques brings electrical and structural alignment to the body. The essential oil blend Valor helps the body align and is often referred to as “chiropractor in a bottle”. Other benefits include- Reduces stress and minor anxiety. Enhance positive emotions like joy and happiness, but also help release negative emotions. Helps the immune system-  Ease muscle discomfort by using oils that reduce tension such as basil, wintergreen, and peppermint. After each raindrop session, your body will get more benefits for overall wellness!! Essential oils can be working in the body up to 7 days after a session!

How to prepare for Technique- since raindrop stimulates detoxification, it's CRUCIAL to drink plenty of water before each session and days after to help the body flush out toxins. Avoid soda and alcohol as well. Good rule to follow is divide your weight in pounds by two and drink that many ounces per day. Sometimes the detox process results in body soreness, headache, or rashes. While these symptoms may be unpleasant, they are temporary and merely an indication that the technique is working and perhaps saving you from a much more serious illness at a later time. Most clients have pleasant sense of wellbeing, relaxation, and boost of energy after a raindrop session. In some cases chronic alignments have fallen away or symptoms improved after a session. Call to make appointment today!! Julie Walker 704-682-6644

So how does Raindrop Technique work? Technique involves applying therapeutic grade essential oils to the spine, neck, and feet. Combination of several holistic Techniques..
Aromatherapy- 7 single essential oils, 2 blends, and 1 massage blend are used for every session. Listed below are the oils used and benefits.
Valor- blend that is gentle and soothing. Helps balance the body, stimulate spinal realignment, and enhances mood.
Oregano- one of the most powerful antimicrobial essential oils. Cleanses cellular receptor sites.
Thyme- Antiseptic, immune enhancing, supports the body’s natural defenses.
Basil- relaxing to muscles.
Wintergreen- supports joints and skeletal structure. Stimulates the body’s own production of natural cortisone which has no side-effects like synthetic cortisone. Analgesic properties similar to aspirin.
Marjoram- Antiseptic and antimicrobial. Soothing to nerves and muscles.
Cypress- Antimicrobial and supports the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Stimulates the body’s natural white corpuscle production. May assist in restoring proper cellular programming to restore health and maintain wellness.
Peppermint- supports digestive, respiratory, and nervous systems. Helps with headaches and improves mental retention. Detoxes the liver.
Aroma Siez- calming, relaxing, and relieves tension.
Orthoease- massage base oil that contains natural antioxidants that soothe muscle aches and minor swelling.
Raindrop technique is not a procedure, cure, or treatment for any health condition. Intended to help with overall wellness, relaxation, and assist the body with detoxification.