Fourth Grade will be Graham's second year of homeschooling. He did very well last year and we're excited to jump into this 2020-2021 school year with some new curriculum.


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This program is done completely online. It’s self-teaching and auto-grading. It’s new to our family, and after using Math U See: Gamma last year, Graham wanted a change of pace. The levels are not corresponding to grade levels, and so far in this level he’s been doing review and working quickly through the lessons.
fourth grade math curriculum teaching textbooks
This program combines many different subjects, such as phonics, reading, spelling, writing, grammar, literature, geography, poetry, and art appreciation. It is very thorough and well-rounded if you are looking for a program that has everything.

This is the updated edition and has much more color-which Graham is very excited about! The leveled reader that comes with the course is also bound like a book, and not spiral as they were in past editions. There is also a separate book of poetry. Poetry was always part of the course, but I LOVE that we now have a separate book to use and keep for future use!

fourth grade language arts from the good and the beautiful with poetry fourth grade language arts curriculum from the good and the beautiful with examples

We started this last spring and I love this program. The Theme-Based writing makes it fun while still stretching his writing abilities. I love watching him search for quality adjectives and –ly words in the appendix. We also look for fun ways to use his vocabulary words in our everyday life, which is something I know will stay with him forever.

Writing is also incorporated into his Language Arts curriculum, but I believe that having a love of writing, and being a confident writer is very important and I want to give my kids every change they can to gain confidence in that skill.

fourth grade IEW curriculum all things fun & fascinating example

Grammar: IEW~Fix It! Nose Tree

15 minutes a day, 4 days a week—how great is that? This grammar program teaches kids how to use proper grammar within stories. The students apply new grammar knowledge in this context, which is similar to how they use correct grammar in their own writing. Then they write out the corrected sentence each day. At the end of the curriculum they have written out a large portion of the book, Nose Tree!

Again, while grammar is also part of their language arts curriculum, I love having a different approach to it as well.

fourth grade curriculum from IEW Fix It! Grammar The Nose Treefourth grade curriculum from IEW Fix It! Grammar The Nose Tree example

Handwriting: The Good and the Beautiful~Level 4

Simple, fun, engaging, cursive, with print reinforcement. Doesn't get much better than that!

the good and the beautiful handwriting level 4 homeschool curriculumthe good and the beautiful handwriting level 4 homeschool curriculum with four examples

This is a new spelling program. It works by teaching blends and using poems to teach ways to common spelling words. This level used nonfiction passages about animals to develop vocabulary and spelling. Consonant chunks, bossy r chunks, tricky y guy, vowel chunks, and endings are all taught at this level. We also love that it only takes 15-20 minutes each day.

I have always had a hard time teaching kids using the well-known method of memorizing a spelling list all week and having a test on Friday. This short-term word memorization failed me (oh—I got 100%, but I never learned the rules to spelling). I’ve seen students use this method over the past 6 years, and it's much the same. I told myself very early on that I would not use this method on my kids. I'm excited to try something very different with spelling this year!

spelling you see curriculum level C Wild Tales for homeschool example

These are a few subject we will do together as a family.

History: The Good and the Beautiful~History 1 

the good and the beautiful history 1 curriculumthe good and the beautiful history 1 curriculum examples

Science: The Good and the Beautiful~Botany

the good and the beautiful botany science curriculum the good and the beautiful botany science curriculum with examples

Recap of our Fourth Grade Curriculum:


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