Have you ever dealt with adult acne? 

It is something I have struggled with off and on since I hit puberty. 

All through high school Id have terrible break outs on my face. I would consult with my Dr and Id hear the same thing, ”hormonal/ bacterial” 

I tried all the things. A few courses of antibiotics for the bacterial acne, which helped a little but never fully got rid of the problem. I spent hundreds trying every face wash product for acne prone skin with little to no success. Honestly, I would usually end up breaking out even worse. 

When I was 23, I got pregnant with my first daughter. I got that pregnancy glow everyone talks about. My skin was the best it had ever been!

 But it didn't last. 

After I had my first daughter I dealt with even worse acne then before. Extreme inflammation that i could feel coming on just hours before it would rise to the surface. 

It was the worst experience. So back to my Dr I went. 

She finally referred me to a dermatologist who suggested I take a pretty intense medication if I was truly wanting my acne to heal. 

He said that if I wanted this medication that I needed to stop nursing (fat chance on that) and that getting pregnant for another year wasn't an option (our goal was to have our kids two years apart) so I left that appointment with no answers to my problem. He only suggested one thing. He never gave me tips or suggested as to why my acne may be happening in the first place. 

I felt defeated. 

Soon after, I got pregnant with my second daughter. Again, with my pregnancy my skin cleared but after, a mess. It had been even worse this time around. 

My skin had started to break out from the cheeks down (that picture you see is me) I was so self conscious. Anytime I talked to someone, all I could think was “are they looking at my acne” so I would constantly have my hands around my face to block it. How foolish of me.

My sister would tell me how painful it looked. She was right. It was extremely painful. I could hardly open my mouth to eat because my entire face was so inflamed. 

So I went looking for some reasons as to why my acne would be this way. Hormones was one  (you can read about my hormonal struggles
 here) but another was the food I ate. That made sense, especially since I have been a sugar addict my entire life.

I found a nutritionist and started eating a cleaner diet. You can grab a favorite cupcake recipes of mine

I lost a good chunk of weight but my skin was still the same. So I started researching some natural ways to heal my face and essential oils started popping up. 

I was currently using a really amazing quality of essential oils but hadn't really thought about using them for their healing properties for the skin. 

So, like any desperate person, I started to experiment with them.

Within two weeks, the inflammation in my skin went down significantly. I could open my mouth fully and that bacterial puss, that green and yellow crap that inflamed my face, started to drain out of my skin. Within weeks, the acne was drying up. I was completely in aw. I couldn't believe it! 

It's been 3 years since I decided to experiment with my oils and now I know exactly what sets my skin off in breakouts. 

I ended up seeking out a naturopath and found out i'm sugar and dairy intolerant. Any time I eat something containing processed sugars, hours later I pay for it. 

This all makes sense to me now. Because of my insane sugar addiction my entire life, my body cannot process it and backfires on me through me skin. 

So with watching the foods I eat, supporting my hormones through natural tools and utilizing oils that help reduce acne, I've been able to feel confident in the skin i'm in. 

Check out my nightly routine and what products Im using to keep my skin healthy and thriving!

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