Common Household Items That May Be Harming Your Pets

Did you know synthetic fragrances and cleaners pose significant health risks to household pets? Products such as candles, plug-ins, perfumes, cleaners, and many other household products often contain harmful chemicals that can cause a range of issues for pets such as respiratory problems to kidney damage, and even cancer. The FDA's "fragrance loophole" allows companies to conceal thousands of chemicals under the term "fragrance", making it difficult to know what you're exposing your pets to.

Many household cleaners contain powerful chemicals that can create dangerous indoor pollutants, affecting not only the health of the humans in the household, but also the health of your pets. Ammonia-based and bleach-based cleaners, for example, can produce gases that make pets sick and, in some cases, can be lethal to smaller pets.

Taking the time to learn and read labels carefully to avoid products containing harmful ingredients is worth the extra effort to protect your pets. Opting for natural, non-toxic cleaning alternatives and products free of synthetic fragrances can significantly reduce the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals and provide a healthier environment for you and your pets.

If you'd like to learn about safely using natural products around your pets, check out this month's virtual class, "Safely Using Oils with Pets", taking place Live in our Facebook group on April 16 at 7pm EST. This fast-paced "speed class" is designed to quickly give you the information you need to help you identify items you may be using for your pets that you can swap for healthier alternatives. We'd love to see you there!

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Acclimating Your Pets to Essential Oils

I use oils with my pets often, and have learned over time which oils they tolerate well and which oils they don't love so much. Since they can't tell me with words, it's important to look at body language for signs so you don't inadvertently cause agitation to your pet.

Your pets may need some time to adjust to the scents and sensations of essential oils. Use these tips to help them feel comfortable as you introduce them:

  • Wear essential oils throughout the day. Your pets will be introduced to the scents you wear as you interact with them throughout the day.
  • Before applying oils to your pet or diffusing in their spaces, hold the closed oil bottle in your hand (or apply a drop to your hands) and allow your pet to sniff your hands.
  • Diffuse in a room where your pets like to relax, with an option for them to leave the area. Start with 1 to 2 drops in a water-based diffuser, as this gives a very low concentration into the air. Watch your pet's body language for signs of irritation (whining, nervousness, hyperactivity, or other unusual behaviors).
  • Don't try to force your pets to stay around oils they're resistant to. Introduce slowly over time. Their sense of smell is very heightened compared to humans, so they need to be eased into oils slowly.
  • Don't be afraid to use oils with your pets! Using oils safely and responsibly with your pets can benefit them in so many ways. It is important to remember not all essential oils are created equally. We use only Young Living oils in our house and on our farm because no other company can top Young Living's purity standards and Seed to Seal guarantee. We can rest assured these oils contain nothing but plants, and there are no hidden toxins or synthetics in the oils that could harm our pets. 
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