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Marlena King

My experience with Shawne Johnson of New Path Wellness has been simply amazing!  What a great experience it was. Upon starting this journey, I was out of shape and I really didn’t care about what I was putting in my body nor on my body. After working with Shawne from New Path Wellness, my LIFE has changed for the better. I learned mindful breathing, food label reading, excising and the usage of Essential oils. Through this LIFE changing experience I’ve become healthier, mentally, spiritually, and physically stronger.

Thank you Shawne for helping me to learn to put myself first!


K. C.

After starting with Shawne I decided to sign up for the 21 day cleanse.  I followed the guidelines and was pleasantly surprised with the results. Within the 1st week I lost 5 lbs. at the end, I lost 14 lbs total.   I found following the guidelines of your coach is KEY. I am currently 3 lbs. away from my goal, but more importantly, I feel full of energy and more focused.

Having a concerned Wellness coach have made a huge different in my life. Thank you!


Sybil Wiggins
”I have heard about detoxing and cleansing your body before but was not at all interested.  Then during our Family Reunion last July, Shawne Johnson did a workshop which included information on detoxing.  It was very interesting.  I had questions and was a little hesitant at first, but 6 months later I finally decided to try it.  It worked well for me.  I was interested in getting rid of my craving for sweets and salty snacks, and the detox gave me incentive to work on that.  Now 2 weeks later I only had a candy bar once whereas before I would eat something sweet after dinner almost every day.  I am not craving sweets like I was before.  I am definitely eating more fruits and vegetables, and after the detox I have been eating mainly fish and chicken, some turkey.  Some of the tips I learned during the detox are helping me, such as chewing my food slowly and counting the bites which I had never done before.  And, chewing my food more slowly allows me to really taste and enjoy the food.  I plan to try more of the recipes that were provided.  My bowels moved a little more than my usual once-a day routine but it was manageable, thank goodness.😊  Also, I was not even thinking about losing weight and I lost 4 lbs!  I exercise on a regular basis (5-6 days a week) and have more energy while doing so now that I am eating better.  I am reading more labels at the grocery store because the detox has made me more conscious of what I am putting in my body.   The detox has certainly helped me on my new journey to eating smarter and enjoying a healthier life. Thank you Shawne!”

Here I am in my 50's for 6 yrs now having hot flashes. Within the first couple weeks of the 12wk program with Shawn, the Hot Flashes stopped. Not subsided, not reduced in frequency but STOPPED.

Before starting the program I was having hot flashes, just expected that it was part of my life being in my fifties. When I changed my lifestyle they went away. My fingers what I thought was arthritis  it all disappeared in just a few weeks on the program.
I know that this is my lifestyle now. 

After only a few weeks on the program I realize I wasn't sweating while getting my hair done. 

Sheila Lowe

"Hi my name is Sheila. I just want to take the time and tell you about my experience with the New Path Wellness Program. First I'd like to tell you I met Shawne in the hair salon. When I went there she would always greet me by saying hello. She would invite me to attend seminars and meetings she had in the salon. I begin to notice flyers and different posters in the salon regarding health and nutrient. I became curious one day and asked her about the New Path Wellness Program. She quickly gave me some information and told me to go home and read it and if I wanted to speak to her about I could. So I did just that. I found the information very interesting because I wanted to change the way I ate and most of all how I felt. She first did a hair analyst which prove to be vital since it told what was going on in my body. 

I agreed to meet with Shawne for a consultation and signed that day for her to be my health coach. I chose to do the three month plan. I felt that worked best for me. She gave me me lots of information, a food plan to detox my body and she ordered vitamins for me. I gotta tell you I was excited and  nervous at the same time because I knew I had to make life changes. It was not easy at the beginning but I adjusted to it. After two week I beginning to feel different, better. After a month I had blood work done for cholesterol and my total cholesterol has decreased by twenty two points. No medicine for me. My blood pressure has gone down also. 

I am now starting to enjoy the essential oils. There are different oils that you will use for different reasons. I enjoy using the lavender in the diffuser It at night and I have developed a habit of putting a few drops of lemon in water every morning. I am working the process slowly because this is a life style not just something I will do for a couple of months but for the rest of my life. I do feel better when I am working the program, but it is work. My body mind and soul had to adjust to the food, vitamins and everything that goes along with the program. Shawne is very knowledgeable. She answers questions and really wants you to succeed. She is there for her clients. If you want to feel better and live a healthier life I recommend New Path Wellness Program. It will make a different in your life. "