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Your Secret Software Superpower

Unleash the power of Texting, Online Classes & Communities, Personal Website, Events RSVP, Emailing, Blogging, Leg Builders, and so much more. GetOiling helps you grow your Young Living™ business faster than ever before. Get your own complete business system that supports you from Distributor to Diamond. Here's how:

Build Better Habits

96% of our customers say they are more productive during business time with our Digital Upline Coach™. Choose your own personal software-based digital coach to provide customized business building tasks, accountability, and motivation based on your available time and your team size.
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Be a more effective leader

Free up your time while your team grows more quickly with your own team leadership tools. See weekly coaching goals for each of your team members in one report, making it easy to see who is taking the most action. Easily duplicable for your team leaders!
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Reach Out Proactively

Email, text, and picture messaging lets you get in front of your contacts. 98% of texts are read within 2 minutes! Message the right people to build relationships & grow your business. Use our number to send texts or get your own number to make & receive calls & texts.

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Your Brand, Online

Your new versatile personal website informs and closes. Customize with themes like Healthy Homes or Body Systems, and personalize with your story, photos, videos, and links. You or your visitors can choose from USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, or several others . Or build your own brand online with custom pages.
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Attract & Engage Leads

Write your own blog posts to help your Young Living™ personal website attract leads with your own search engine optimized site. Visitors can comment on & share your posts. Prefer to leave the writing to others? Most plans automatically show posts from your favorite blog on your site.

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Simplify Your Events

Most plans allow registration for home parties, calls, conferences, and webinars right on your website. Track attendees, and send email and text invites and reminders. Create to-do tasks for the event. Add a PayPal "Buy Now" button for online payments.

Business Training

Not sure where to start? Explore hours of your own business training library. Join weekly live training calls as well to get personalized advice. Includes Destined for Diamond , 90 day challenge, and more.

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See Who's Visiting

Capture leads with landing pages, which are like online black velvet ropes to guide visitors to tell you who they are. Know who visits so you can follow up. Use pre-built landing pages or make your own. Track prospects and members, and bring in your team from the YL virtual office.
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Grow On The Go

Your new GetOiling back office and website works great on all your devices, no app needed. Send email newsletters, update your to-do list, see who's visiting, and more from wherever you are. Send pre-written email or text campaigns for effortless automatic follow-up.
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Follow Up With Ease

Track your to-do items and our follow-up assistant reminds you when they're due. Get reminders for tasks like phone calls, mailing gifts, checking in on starter kits, anniversary thank-yous, and more. Rate contacts and be reminded to regularly reach out.

Build Relationships

Built-in Zoom video conferencing software lets you build closer relationships from wherever you are. Meet with your team and prospects face-to-face online, or hold online events with no meeting length limits. Talk to more people in less time and with no travel.

Boost New Builders

Add to the excitement for a new business builder by giving a special link to your website with their member number. This leg builder link gets them online quickly and at no cost to them. Our referral program gives them half off one month, plus you get a reward, too.
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Share Your Back Office

Allow assistants, guest bloggers, video conference hosts, etc. to access your GetOiling back office with their own account. Know what they did with what contacts, blog posts, events, etc. Available on the Premium and higher plans for an additional per-user fee.

Create A Community

Create your own private community without the distractions of social networks. Set up your own private member area with resources, discussion rooms, and online classes.

Educate & Grow

Share your knowledge in your member area by setting up online classes. Track people's progress, require and approve homework, and more. Optionally connect your Stripe account and sell your classes, too.
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Everything you need to grow Young Living™, all for one low price.

Trusted By Top Young Living™ Distributors

April & Charles Mier Diamond

"GetOiling gives you a versatile website in minutes, and their business building tools can help you follow up and market to your team and prospects."

Jill Young Royal Crown Diamond

"I would highly recommend a GetOiling website as it's up to date on all of Young Living's news! The site itself is very easy to use even for beginners! You will love sharing this site as the pages are beautifully put together and very eye catching!"

Robin Chenault Silver

"GetOiling replaces 2 of my paid subscriptions and gives me an amazingly beautiful website. My Dashboard makes it easy to follow up with people. All my business needs in one place - Zoom, follow ups, emails, member profiles, events, website, blog, and more. I love GetOiling!"

Real Customers, Real Results

  • I knew that when I hit Senior Star I wanted to go for the Elite Track and be an Executive in Two months. I did it!! Woohoo! Getting my site customized and ready to go when I was a Star set me up for success. I am so glad I got it up and running early on! I use it almost every day. It keeps me organized and makes follow up so much easier.

    Suzette Washington, USA
  • I wanted to write and say thank you, thank you, thank you for this training. It is just what I needed. I knew I wanted to do all these things, but had no idea where to start or how to do them. I am so excited to get going. Today I will be importing the 200-250 prospects contacts into the Contact Manager and now I know exactly what I need to do get everything going. GetOiling provides sooo much value and I am sharing with many of my YL peeps.

    Kristi Iowa, USA
  • We appreciate you as hosts! You guys have been such a great group to work with. The back end support has been incredible. That alone is worth the price of admission let alone the fact that the site looks amazing, is super functional and 100% Canadian compliant (which has been a challenge in itself). We will gladly support and refer a forward thinking proactive group such as GetOiling!

    Tonia & Colin British Columbia, Canada
  • Total KUDOS to you for simplifying a website!! I've had a couple of sites before and customizing it from the ground up was exhausting!! I LOVE my GetOiling site!! The blog features are the easiest I've ever encountered! And I used to have a WordPress.. and that was a pain! You're seriously amazing!! Thank you for creating GetOiling and for making it with affordable options because it's going to make my business so much easier, in an elegant, sleek, and stylish way!! You need to know that you're really helping us in our businesses!! That's a BIG deal!!

    Paola California, USA
  • I have been with YL since 1996, and have used several duplicating websites, considered others recently but have never seen one that is so attuned aesthetically to my vision. I love the open space and whiteness! Also, the simplicity of the message, yet its profound impact. I have been searching for over a year to find the perfect way to introduce myself to future business builders, and I've found it in your website system! Thank you.

    Susan California, USA
  • First off I love the easiness of it all. I love that it auto updates and there are videos and product links to go back to the corporate website. That people can sign up through this as well. I love that I can change it up every month if I want because I don't want the same website all the time... Overall I am extremely satisfied. And I have already had one person go to the website and book an appointment with me to discuss oils. And she found it very informative. Thanks again for an amazing product.

    Casey Florida, USA