Is Coconut Oil Healthy? Or not?

Today I am going to dispel all the myths about Coconut Oil.  Is it the wonder food people on the internet claim it to be, or is it just a beat up?   First let’s find out exactly what is coconut oil and where it comes from.
You may be surprised to know that a coconut is not a nut at all. Coconuts come from the palm Cocos Nucifera and the coconut itself is the seed. Cocos plants grow in sandy soil along tropical coasts which explains why it is used abundantly in Asian cooking.    The sap of the tree can be used to make alcohol, the flower can be cooked as a vegetable, whilst the roots can be used to make a coffee substitute.  You can drink coconut juice from green coconuts which is high in electrolytes such as potassium, calcium and magnesium – however, as a side note, drink your coconut juice straight from the coconut, as nutrients are lost soon after it reacts with oxygen in the air. 


How to stretch your Young Living $$ Further


I hear you!  Young Living is not CHEAP!  Of course it's not cheap.  When you purchase Young Living products you are NOT purchasing inexpensive fillers, toxic chemicals and dangerous ingredients.  Those things ARE cheap and Young Living will have nothing to do with them.

Young Living only puts in the purest natural botanical ingredients to make the best product possible - and nothing else.  Young Living scientists work for YEARS to formulate products to the utmost standards before they are released to members. Many of the products they make are highly CONCENTRATED and can be diluted to suit your family's needs and your budget.  Lets have a look at a few Young Living products we can dilute.