Day FIVE of the Break THRU Boredom Family Challenge: CONNECTION

My mom told me that as a child I wasn't much of a cuddler.  I did notice that I set up a wall between myself and others.  It didn't have to do with not being a cuddler. I LOVE HUGS!!  I realized as an adult, the pushing away of physical contact had more to do with emotional trauma and stress.  When I'm not feeling well, then I'm not seeking ways to make others feel well. Read to the bottom to find out how physical connection shifts our brain!

When writing this blog, we've been home for 2 months during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Our joy was slowly seeping away.  We, as a family, needed some absence from each other so we could make our hearts grow fonder!!  I decided that we needed to refocus on mindset and this week is devoted to spreading joy by reconnecting through hugs.  Inspired by Trolls, the Movie, we implemented HUG TIME!!  Which quickly morphed into CUDDLE TIME and TICKLE TIME!  So we decided we needed to set an alarm throughout the day for these things.  

Connection was now a part of our daily routine.

I Can Spread Joy

Here is an article about how hugs will improve your relationships with the family.  Connection before correction is a huge part of our parenting philosophy.  I notice that when we are not connecting with our children in meaningful ways, the negative behaviors start to emerge more frequently.

Here is an article about the importance hugs have on child development.

Finally, New York Times article, How to Hug During a Pandemic.

Guided Activities

Rachel's Day in the Garden: An Interactive Yoga Read Aloud

COSMIC KIDS TROLLS VIDEO: Spread Hugs by doing this Yoga  practice as a family.  During the Hug times, really embrace each other and enjoy the benefits!

Invitation to Play: Color walk
Color Therapy can bring so much joy.  Do you know that each color is linked to an emotion and a feeling in the body?  This week, we decided to bring more color into our lives.  We colored our hair, tie dyed some old t-shirts, and went on a Color Walk.  There are so many activities that can be done with a color search inside the house and outside.  Visit a garden for some inspiration!

Enjoy the shift in the brain this week!

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