Three exciting announcements for today!

Quantity-Limited Purchases

There's now a way to sell items or event seats and put a limit on the number of items that can be purchased. In the page builder, click the Settings button and go to the Payments tab. Where the payment options are listed, there now is a Max # of Sales field. Leave it blank for unlimited sales (great for digital products) or if you have quantity limited items, such as events or inventory, put in a number and a tag. When someone visits the page to check out, it will look to see how many contacts are tagged with the tag that's associated with the payment option and will show the number remaining or prevent the person from purchasing if they aren't any remaining to purchase.  

Private Events

The Events RSVP feature now has a way to hide events from the events list on your website by setting it to "direct link only".  There is a new field shown below when editing events. Choose "direct link only" and the event will only show up when you give someone the link. It won't show on the events list page.

Parallax on Phones

The parallax setting in the page builder now works on phones! Parallax is the scrolling effect where the background image scrolls at a different speed than the foreground content.  Below is a short animation showing how this can look, as an example. Previously parallax only worked on larger screen devices but now it works on phones, too, allowing you to expand your creativity when designing websites.

As always, we hope these changes allow you to get better results in growing your business. If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to


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