The Power of Einkorn


It’s no secret that more and more children and adults in America are developing a great sensitivity to modern wheat. Since wheat is found in so many products, it is imperative for people to have an alternative. Einkorn is one of the solutions for anyone who desires to enjoy hearty baked goods without the side effects. 

I’d like to take you on a historical journey, and one that a good teacher of mine, D. Gary Young, has written about in his book “Ancient Einkorn: Today’s Staff of Life”

Gary Young grew up on a farm in Idaho. His father was a man of nature who understood the soil, how to grow plants and observe the mountains. Gary’s father once said, “Nature will always tell you what’s real — she’ll always tell you the truth.” Gary learned a lot in his formative years by living off the land, farming, and hunting wild game when the family needed meat for sustenance. It wasn’t an easy life, but it caused Gary to ask many questions.

Gary set out to learn about the history of wheat and alterations through modern hybridization. Gary realized that the wheat he and his sister helped bundle as children stood over 4 feet tall and had been harvested using 3 horses pulling an old binding machine. Versus the hybridized wheat that was widely harvested in America grew to only 14 inches tall and was processed with electric machinery. The differences in wheat varieties between the 1940’s and 1970’s is drastic. 

In 1970, Dr Norman Borlaug won a Nobel Peace Prize for his discovery in hybridized wheat. Since then, wheat has become a staple in the American diet because of how easy and seemingly inexpensive it is to purchase. Bread, pasta, pizza, cookies, cake and pie crust are all made with white flour or whole wheat flour. The long term effects of eating today’s modern wheat has not yet been fully realized.

Over the years, wellness clients have come to me complaining of indigestion. One of the first things I ask them is how many wheat products they consume in a day or week. Sometimes abnormal levels of inflammation and even brain fog can be caused by the things we consume that are not compatible to our body.  It grieves my spirit knowing that simple changes to a person’s diet, if they are informed and choose to make the change, can result in much greater overall quality of life. 

If you’re ready to get the full benefits from the baked goods you love, then I encourage you to try Einkorn — today’s staff of life!

“Einkorn, with its 1 genome, 14 chromosomes, low glycemic index, and very low gluten levels, is definitely our best choice! It is an ancient mineral-and-vitamin-dense grain that is very different from the 42-chromosome, man-made, genetically manipulated modern wheat that threatens the health of the people of the world today.”(p. 72 of “Ancient Einkorn: Today’s Staff of Life” by D. Gary Young)

Hot out of the oven from Teri Secrest's Kitchen, photo by Lisa Trenary.
*Hot out of the oven from Teri's kitchen! Photo by Lisa Trenary.

I have personally used Einkorn as a staple in many of my baking recipes. Homemade cinnamon rolls are amongst our family’s favorite treats! My sons, Joseph and Daniel,  love kitchen time with mom during holidays. Inevitably our time baking in the kitchen turns into great conversations and the boys now teach their friends about Einkorn. My daughter Elizabeth has gotten creative with Einkorn and recently tried making homemade tortillas.

I hope you enjoy the recipes including Einkorn in my “Eating For Life” cookbook. Together, let's raise awareness about the blessing that Einkorn can be as for healthy cooking and baking.  

If you're here because of a Young Living Brand Partner, we encourage you to reach out to them for personalized guidance and to place your order. Your amazing Young Living friend is a valuable resource and can help you get the most out of your essential oils experience. 

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To Your Health, With Love!
Teri Secrest

Whole Body Nutrition with NingXia Red

Whole Body Nutrition With NingXia Red®

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we all had time to make 3 healthy meals a day -- including the grocery shopping and meal prepping and clean-up? For most individuals and families, that's just really challenging to do seven days a week.

In addition, it is practically impossible to get all the nutrients our body needs from just the foods we eat. This is why Ningxia Red, by Young Living, is such a blessing to my family and many of my wellness clients each year. It is a solution that gives our body the live nutritious fuel that our cells are craving.

Ningxia Red is a delicious way to power your day! 
Packed with powerful antioxidants and superfoods, Ningxia Red features Wolfberry, Plum, Aronia, Cherry, Blueberry, and Pomegranate juices and extracts to start your day off right. It also contains a blend of premium essential oils, including Orange, Lemon, Tangerine and Yuzu. These ingredients combine to help prevent oxidative stress, support normal cellular function, and promote healthy energy levels.*

The Benefits of NingXia Red

Ningxia Red is so full of life that the very cells of your body seem to come alive with each daily dose. This juice is clinically proven to support our physical energy levels, improve our sleep patterns and reduce our daily stress, to improve mental well-being. In addition, Ningxia Red supports our healthy vision!  So, if you are a family looking for ways to bridge the nutritional gap in your diet, Ningxia Red is the way to go.  

3 Ways To Enjoy Ningxia Red

ONE: Each of our family members has their own “signature” Ningxia Red morning smoothie! Some of us drink a 2-ounce shot straight, some of us put it in a blender with frozen fruit, and those of us on the go, pour it in a shaker bottle and combine it with other nutrients on our way out the door. 

TWO: For younger children, there is nothing like a Ningxia Red frozen popsicle! 

THREE: We love it in deserts! During “Eating for Life” you will learn how to make a Ningxia Red Parfait, (shown in this photo) curated by a beautiful restaurateur and good friend from Vashon Island, Melinda Powers!

Note: a daily dose of NingXia Red is 2-4 ounces a day. A NingXia Red 2-pack is enough for one person to enjoy 2-ounces per day for 1 month. 


Elizabeth Rose ~ Texas: "One of the first things on my travel packing list is NingXia Red. It has been my constant "adventure buddy" for over 10 years. Backpacking, camping, kayaking, biking, horse back riding -- you name it -- I take the single serving NingXia Red packets with me as a support to my daily health regimen. For me, it works better than coffee to help me wake up in the morning. I add 2 ounces to my first glass of water or protein shake, and often times I take another 2 ounces in the afternoon to give my body the fuel for sustained energy throughout a full day."

Daniel Williams ~ Arizona: "One of my very first activities each day is taking a shot of NingXia Red! It helps with my clarity as I start my day. On workout days I put it in my protein shake to give me that extra boost of energy I need to get me started."

Lisa Trenary ~ Texas: "As a photographer, I love to carry NingXia Red packets for that extra boost of clarity and clean energy it gives me when shooting for multiple days! I simply can't be without it!"

Susan McGinnis ~ Texas: "One of the most amazing things I notice when I consistently take Ningxia red in the morning is that I do not have sugar cravings in the afternoon like I used to get! It’s a win win for me! All the healthy benefits and not craving the unhealthy things!"

How To Order NingXia Red

If you're here because of a Young Living Brrrand Partner, we encourage you to reach out to them for personalized guidance and to place your order. Your amazing Young Living friend is a valuable resource and can help you get the most out of your essential oils experience. 

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Exclusive Discounts For New Customers
If you're a new customer, you will receive 10% off by visiting the link above and entering the promo code SHAREYL into the box at checkout. Additionally, you will receive an extra 24% off if you spend 100PV (approximately $100) or more.

To Your Health, With Love!

Teri Secrest

Healthier Hair, Skin, Nails and Joints!

It's easier than ever to get healthier hair, skin, nails and joints! Discover a supplement that packs a punch when it comes to boosting your body naturally. Today, I'm thrilled to introduce you to Sulfurzyme, an easy to use powder with benefits that'll leave you amazed.

Let me take you on a journey through my experience with Sulfurzyme.

Several years ago, I noticed my hair thinning and those pesky gray strands making an appearance – definitely not the look I was going for. That's when I stumbled upon the secret weapon: Sulfurzyme. 

Known for its potential to enhance skin, hair, and nails, I decided to give it a try. Instead of sticking to the standard 1/2 tsp dose, I began to use a full teaspoon daily. Pairing it with NingXia Red, the transformation has been remarkable. My hair's regained its youthful vitality, and my nails? Stronger than ever! 

Incorporating Sulfurzyme into my routine has done wonders over the years. Trust me, this is a recommendation I make without hesitation – not just because of the direct benefits, but the unexpected ones too.

Say hello to SULFURZYME!

Let's break it down: the star of the show is an ingredient called MSM, short for Methylsulfonylmethane. It's the primary powerhouse in Young Living Essential Oils' Sulfurzyme supplement.

Now, if you're the curious type (and I bet you are), I've got a fantastic resource to dive deeper into MSM. There's a book titled "The Miracle of MSM: The Natural Solutions for Pain" that's a must-read. Imagine gaining insights into the natural solutions MSM offers. 

I'll even treat you to a few key quotes from the book, just to give you a taste of the wonders within. 🌟

Important note: While I'm here to provide valuable insights, it's crucial to understand that the information shared in this blog isn't a substitute for the guidance of your personal care physician. Please remember that I'm not a licensed medical professional, and I'm not endorsing any treatments or diagnoses. If you're considering incorporating the Sulfurzyme supplement into your routine, it's a wise move to keep your primary care doctor in the loop. This way, they can monitor any health changes that occur over time and provide tailored recommendations.

Now, let's dive into the details!

Sulfurzyme boasts three key ingredients that deliver exceptional benefits:

  1. MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane): The star player in this supplement, MSM, takes the spotlight for its potential wonders. From supporting joint health to aiding skin vitality, MSM is a versatile ingredient that could be exactly what you've been missing.
  2. FOS (Fructooligosaccharides): Don't let the name intimidate you – FOS is here to support your gut health in a big way. By nourishing the beneficial bacteria in your digestive system, FOS could contribute to your overall well-being.
  3. Ningxia Wolfberry (Lycium barbarum) Fruit Powder: Packed with nutrients, this ingredient adds an extra layer of goodness to Sulfurzyme. Its potential antioxidant properties might just become your body's new best friend.
And let's not forget the extra touch:

We've even included Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) leaf extract for a dash of natural sweetness, ensuring that your Sulfurzyme experience is not only beneficial but also enjoyable.


1) Pain & Inflammation 

Page 3 of "The Miracle of MSM" quotes:
"MSM is a nutritional supplement rapidly establishing a reputation as a safe, natural and effective solution for many types of pain and inflammatory conditions, including: 
- Degenerative wear-and-teat arthritis
- Rheumatoid arthritis
- Chronic back pain
- Chronic headaches
- Muscle pian
- Fibromyalgia
- Tendinitis and bursitis
- Carpal tunnel syndrome
- Post-traumatic pain and inflammation
- Heartburn"

Page 8 of "The Miracle of MSM" quotes:
"MSM offers a natural way to reduce pain and inflammation without serious side effects. It may even deliver as much or even more relief as some of the standard painkillers - it just doesn't work as fast. (That's because MSM is not a drug; it's a nutritional supplement.) But you will often begin to experience noticeable easing of pain and discomfort, along with more energy, and in general Freel better, within days."

FUN FACT: MSM has been used by veterinarians every since the early 1980 when an article came out in an equine journal. Humans have been using it even before that when M.D. Stanley W. Jacob began recommending it for patients who visited the world-famous DMSO Clinic at the Oregon Health Science University in Portland. 
MSM is made from DMSO and delivers many of the remarkable healing properties of DMSO but without the annoying odor of DMSO.

2) Relief Versus Cure
There are many over the counter medications that promise "relief". However, most do not work with the body to create long term relief or a long term cure. This is why it is so important to treat "healthcare" as a long term investment rather than a short term fix. By incorporating a healthy diet (say NO to the bad and YES to the good), exercise, and using natural substances such as MSM that the body needs to function optimally, your body will say thank you!

Page 10 of "The Miracle of MSM" quotes:
" ... we know from clinical experience that it [MSM} provides major pain relief through the following actions: 
- The inhibition of pain impulses along nerve fibers
- Lessening of inflammation
- Increasing of blood supply
- Reduction of muscle spasm
- Softening of scar tissue"

3) MSM and Allergies
Page 15 of "The Miracle of MSM" quotes:
"MSM offers prompt and powerful relief of pollen allergies, commonly called hay fever - a major seasonal ordeal for some 35 million Americans. MSM may perhaps bebb as effective as any antihistamine on the market."

Well now, does that make you excited!  

How To Take Sulfurzyme As A Supplement
Young Living Essential Oils created the Sulfuzyme Powder and Capsule versions of this supplement specifically because D. Gary Young discovered that by adding the NingXia Wolfberry fruit powder to MSM it enhances the absorption and metabolization of MSM. As with all of our Seed To Seal products, I love that Young Living goes over and above the call of duty to provide quality supplements that even exceed the industry norms.

What's on the bottle for suggested use:

Sulfurzyme Powder
- Mix ½ tsp. with juice or distilled water and take twice daily.
- Best taken 1 hour before or after meals.

Sulfurzyme Capsules
- Take 2 capsules 2 times daily or as needed 1 hour before or after meals.
- Use as part of your workout routine.
Keep in mind that the above is a normal dosage for maintenance purposes. Since each person's body is different, it's good to listen to your body. Starting off with the recommended dose and then adding a little gradually can be a good way to assess you body's needs.


Ready to embark on this journey with Sulfurzyme? Getting started is a breeze through Young Living Essential Oils. And if you're new to this, you're in for a treat. Your first order will be 10% off by using this link.  Click HERE to explore my Wishlist and take the first step towards more vibrant health.

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Here's to Your Radiant Health,
Teri Secrest

Three Ways To Make A Shift and Start Using Essential Oils


Hello Friend, 
Teri Secrest here and I'm so glad you are choosing to make a positive shift in your health today. Helping you achieve your best health ever is my deep passion. What else have you tried for your health before arriving on this page?  If you're like so many others you just haven't found the right combination to really made a difference in your life.  This was me before finding this missing link. As a certified wellness coach for 27 years, my clients have experienced so much success that I believe essential oils will prove to be the most powerful natural health modality in our lifetime!   

If you missed this video, now is a great time to take 4 minutes and learn what essential oils are: 

Here are my suggestions to get started: 

1) Give me a call and let's talk! You can reach me at 830-355-3578.
2) Send a text to 830-355-3578 and let's schedule a wellness assessment. 
3) Quick Start: Choose one of the economical collections below that best suits your needs and get started without delay! We will follow up with you once your order is placed.  

Make a Shift™ Essential Solutions™ Bundle
Start with essential oils! Embark on a life-changing journey alongside your loved ones with the new Make a Shift™ Essential Solutions™ bundle! This comes packed with the most popular Young Living® products, featuring fresh new labels and an exclusive diffuser never offered before.  Created with care under our Seed to Seal® quality commitment, these essential solutions make it easy to say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to peace of mind in every room.
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The Make a Shift™ Essential Solutions™ bundle includes:
  • Thieves® essential oil blend, 5 ml
  • Purification® essential oil blend, 5 ml
  • Lavender essential oil, 5 ml
  • Peppermint essential oil, 5 ml
  • Young Living Deep Relief® Roll-On, 10 ml
  • Young Living Stress Away® Roll-On, 10 ml
  • FreshStart™ Diffuser (exclusive to this bundle!)
  • Product insert with simple tips for using everything in the bundle
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Make a Shift™ Happy, Healthy Home™ Bundle
Start by kicking toxins out of your home! Transform your home into a chemical-free haven where you and your family can thrive with the Make a Shift Happy, Healthy Home™bundle.  
Inside this Young Living® bundle, you'll find a selection of our most popular Thieves cleaning products, an amber glass spray bottle, and two versatile essential oils.

Item No. 44656 / Wholesale price: $112 
Retail price: $112 ($214.14 value!) / PV: 112 
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The Make a Shift™ Happy, Healthy Home™ bundle includes:
  • Thieves® essential oil blend, 15 ml
  • Lemon essential oil, 15 ml
  • Thieves® Household Cleaner, 14.4 oz.
  • Amber Spray Bottle
  • Thieves® Laundry Soap
  • Thieves® Kitchen & Bath Scrub
  • Thieves® Dish Soap, 12 oz.
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Make a Shift™ Daily Wellness™ Bundle
Start with nutrition! The Make a Shift Daiy Wellness bundle is designed to power your day-to-day with nutritious, naturally derived ingredients.  Inside this Young Living® bundle, you'll find our world-famous NingXia Red® superfruit drink, energizing wolfberry NingXia Nitro® beverage, and Orange and Lime Vitality™ essential oils.  Now you can start infusing your life with flavor and vitality, making every day a little more vibrant.  Nourish your body with our NingXia Red drink that contains antioxidants, support normal energy levels and alertness with our NingXia Nitro® beverage, and unleash the bright citrus flavors of Orange and Lime Vitality™ in your culinary creations.*

Item No. 44655 / Wholesale price: $112
Retail price: $112 ($204.60 value!) / PV: 112
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The Make a Shift™ Daily Wellness™ bundle includes:
  • NingXia Red® Singles, 30 ct.
  • NingXia Nitro® tubes, 14 ct.
  • Orange Vitality essential oil, 5 ml
  • Lime Vitality® essential oil, 5 m.
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Let’s Connect!
Welcome to the wonderful world of essential oils and Young Living! It is a great honor to support you in achieving your best health ever. I will be in contact the momentreceive your order. And feel free to give me a call or text at 830-355-3578 and we can chat about any of your questions. I'm here to be a source of encouragement and education along your health journey. My office hours are Mon - Fri 9am-6pm central time. If I’m away from the phone or on a call just leave a voicemail and I’ll call back as soon as possible. My hope is to make this shift as easy and joyful as possible. 

Welcome to the Young Living family!
Teri Secrest

Getting Back On A Schedule After Vacation Mode


Sometimes when we are away from home we feel like there are no cares in the world. Until . . .  we get home!

Then it seems as if all of life comes swarming back in. Friends call to invite you to dinner, events start pooping up, and before long, your days are filled with endless going and doing. 

So how do you make time for the things you HAVE to get done and then the things you NEED to get done and then things you WANT to do? Well, here are my best tips. 

NUMBER ONE . . . Prioritize 

It’s easy to cram the schedules so full that at the end of the week you feel like you’ve been on a hamster wheel. You those weeks, right? As a home-based business owner, I know the feeling all too well. An event comes up, a friend wants to meet up for lunch, a social group meetup on Monday and ANOTHER one on Thursday. Add in the random birthday party and a dentist appointment all in one week. That’s on top of normal work hours. By the end of the week it's easy to dream of being back on a sunny beach sipping coconut water.

So before you say "yes" to every meet-up group, workout class, church small group and business mastermind, my best suggestion is to PRIORITIZE.


Take a few minutes to sit down and quiet your mind from distractions and sip on something delicious. Then imagine stepping into your perfect fall schedule. What does the perfect week look like on the calendar and feel like emotionally?

Write down a few notes. Imagine feeling fulfilled, yet not drained. Successful but not overworked. Create a scenario where you are valued by those around you - for your time and wisdom and expertise. Picture a scenario where you are loving those around you well and you are receiving love well. All these things are basic needs that we have as human beings. You also need time for self care and reflection. 

I like to take 15 minutes at the end of the day to pray, journal and process the day. Sometimes it takes longer or I devote more time. Why? Because we learn the most from our past experiences, successes and failures by assessing them and then choosing our future course of action. I also enjoy turning on my diffuser with Frankincense essential oil or a blend like Peace & Calming or Stress Away. These help me relax at the end of the day and get in the right mood to process from a place of thoughtfulness rather than responding emotionally to everything that the day might have thrown my way. 

Some basic things to prioritize (aside from your work schedule) may include: 
  • Adequate sleep
  • Healthy meals and meal prepping
  • Hydration - lots and lots of water 
  • Daily exercise
  • Dressing for the day and feeling good about your appearance
  • Quality time with you significant other
  • Social time with family, friends, co-workers
  • Making new friends and expanding your inner circle
  • Reading, writing, researching
  • Playing music, singing, going to see a show
  • A bubble bath - yes, I think weekly bubble baths should be mandatory
You can do the same thing with your work or business. Write a list of priorities that you need to do on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Now that you have prioritized the work and non-work related things you desire to do, let’s move on to the next step. 


First fill in all the things you HAVE to do. These include:
  • Sleep Hours
  • Work hours
  • Meal time
  • Children's/grandchildren's school hours
  • Prayer and meditation
  • Exercise
  • Date night with a spouse or significant other
  • Other must-do events
Second, fill in the events, meet-ups, dinners, birthday parties, weddings and more that you know you’re planning to attend. 

Third, make a running list of things you need to get done in your spare time. Things like laundry, cleaning the house, mailing a gift or a thank you note to a friend, getting a haircut.

Fourth, make a running list of the things you’d like to fit in as time allows. Things like going to see a movie, catching up with a friend over coffee, cooking an exotic meal, go swimming, take a picnic to the par, visit and art gallery. This fourth list is where you get to dream a bit. 

These are extra lists that you can pull from and add to the calendar as time and anergy allows. Be sure to not get such a running start that you exhaust yourself the first few weeks back in the groove. It’s okay to say NO! Family and friends and work associates need healthy boundaries. This is not an excuse to be lazy, but it is the ability to say “not now, not today, not this week, let’s find another day,” or simply, “that’s not on my priority list right now.”

When I get to this part I like to pull out my Inner Child essential oil blend, take a big whiff while closing my eye and imagining the fun things I look forward to doing. It’s just so uplifting! At the core of who we are as human beings, we are dreamers. Here's a quote from my daughter that gets me excited. 

“Dream BIG and Live Your Dreams!” ~ Elizabeth Rose


At the end of the day, remember that you are a Human BE-ing, not a Human DO-ing.

You were created for family and healthy relationships and being part of a thriving community. It's easy to get isolated and feel alone, however, simply reaching out to a friend to check in on them can be one of the most rewarding things you do that day. You just never know how you can make someone else's day by showing up and being a caring friend. 

Be sure to take time and "smell the roses" as the old saying goes. Life is short and every day is a gift from above. 

I encourage you throughout the day to take time to quiet your mind and simply BE. Be in the moment, be present, soak in the sights and sounds and smells of your environment. You will bet thankful for the experience and learn from it every time.

Let's Connect
I hope this blog is helpful! If you would like to chat more about supporting your healthy lifestyle with essential oils, I would love to chat with you. Feel free to give me a call at 830-355-3578

Teri Secrest

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