It's easier than ever to get healthier hair, skin, nails and joints! Discover a supplement that packs a punch when it comes to boosting your body naturally. Today, I'm thrilled to introduce you to Sulfurzyme, an easy to use powder with benefits that'll leave you amazed.

Let me take you on a journey through my experience with Sulfurzyme.

Several years ago, I noticed my hair thinning and those pesky gray strands making an appearance – definitely not the look I was going for. That's when I stumbled upon the secret weapon: Sulfurzyme. 

Known for its potential to enhance skin, hair, and nails, I decided to give it a try. Instead of sticking to the standard 1/2 tsp dose, I began to use a full teaspoon daily. Pairing it with NingXia Red, the transformation has been remarkable. My hair's regained its youthful vitality, and my nails? Stronger than ever! 

Incorporating Sulfurzyme into my routine has done wonders over the years. Trust me, this is a recommendation I make without hesitation – not just because of the direct benefits, but the unexpected ones too.

Say hello to SULFURZYME!

Let's break it down: the star of the show is an ingredient called MSM, short for Methylsulfonylmethane. It's the primary powerhouse in Young Living Essential Oils' Sulfurzyme supplement.

Now, if you're the curious type (and I bet you are), I've got a fantastic resource to dive deeper into MSM. There's a book titled "The Miracle of MSM: The Natural Solutions for Pain" that's a must-read. Imagine gaining insights into the natural solutions MSM offers. 

I'll even treat you to a few key quotes from the book, just to give you a taste of the wonders within. 🌟

Important note: While I'm here to provide valuable insights, it's crucial to understand that the information shared in this blog isn't a substitute for the guidance of your personal care physician. Please remember that I'm not a licensed medical professional, and I'm not endorsing any treatments or diagnoses. If you're considering incorporating the Sulfurzyme supplement into your routine, it's a wise move to keep your primary care doctor in the loop. This way, they can monitor any health changes that occur over time and provide tailored recommendations.

Now, let's dive into the details!

Sulfurzyme boasts three key ingredients that deliver exceptional benefits:

  1. MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane): The star player in this supplement, MSM, takes the spotlight for its potential wonders. From supporting joint health to aiding skin vitality, MSM is a versatile ingredient that could be exactly what you've been missing.
  2. FOS (Fructooligosaccharides): Don't let the name intimidate you – FOS is here to support your gut health in a big way. By nourishing the beneficial bacteria in your digestive system, FOS could contribute to your overall well-being.
  3. Ningxia Wolfberry (Lycium barbarum) Fruit Powder: Packed with nutrients, this ingredient adds an extra layer of goodness to Sulfurzyme. Its potential antioxidant properties might just become your body's new best friend.
And let's not forget the extra touch:

We've even included Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) leaf extract for a dash of natural sweetness, ensuring that your Sulfurzyme experience is not only beneficial but also enjoyable.


1) Pain & Inflammation 

Page 3 of "The Miracle of MSM" quotes:
"MSM is a nutritional supplement rapidly establishing a reputation as a safe, natural and effective solution for many types of pain and inflammatory conditions, including: 
- Degenerative wear-and-teat arthritis
- Rheumatoid arthritis
- Chronic back pain
- Chronic headaches
- Muscle pian
- Fibromyalgia
- Tendinitis and bursitis
- Carpal tunnel syndrome
- Post-traumatic pain and inflammation
- Heartburn"

Page 8 of "The Miracle of MSM" quotes:
"MSM offers a natural way to reduce pain and inflammation without serious side effects. It may even deliver as much or even more relief as some of the standard painkillers - it just doesn't work as fast. (That's because MSM is not a drug; it's a nutritional supplement.) But you will often begin to experience noticeable easing of pain and discomfort, along with more energy, and in general Freel better, within days."

FUN FACT: MSM has been used by veterinarians every since the early 1980 when an article came out in an equine journal. Humans have been using it even before that when M.D. Stanley W. Jacob began recommending it for patients who visited the world-famous DMSO Clinic at the Oregon Health Science University in Portland. 
MSM is made from DMSO and delivers many of the remarkable healing properties of DMSO but without the annoying odor of DMSO.

2) Relief Versus Cure
There are many over the counter medications that promise "relief". However, most do not work with the body to create long term relief or a long term cure. This is why it is so important to treat "healthcare" as a long term investment rather than a short term fix. By incorporating a healthy diet (say NO to the bad and YES to the good), exercise, and using natural substances such as MSM that the body needs to function optimally, your body will say thank you!

Page 10 of "The Miracle of MSM" quotes:
" ... we know from clinical experience that it [MSM} provides major pain relief through the following actions: 
- The inhibition of pain impulses along nerve fibers
- Lessening of inflammation
- Increasing of blood supply
- Reduction of muscle spasm
- Softening of scar tissue"

3) MSM and Allergies
Page 15 of "The Miracle of MSM" quotes:
"MSM offers prompt and powerful relief of pollen allergies, commonly called hay fever - a major seasonal ordeal for some 35 million Americans. MSM may perhaps bebb as effective as any antihistamine on the market."

Well now, does that make you excited!  

How To Take Sulfurzyme As A Supplement
Young Living Essential Oils created the Sulfuzyme Powder and Capsule versions of this supplement specifically because D. Gary Young discovered that by adding the NingXia Wolfberry fruit powder to MSM it enhances the absorption and metabolization of MSM. As with all of our Seed To Seal products, I love that Young Living goes over and above the call of duty to provide quality supplements that even exceed the industry norms.

What's on the bottle for suggested use:

Sulfurzyme Powder
- Mix ½ tsp. with juice or distilled water and take twice daily.
- Best taken 1 hour before or after meals.

Sulfurzyme Capsules
- Take 2 capsules 2 times daily or as needed 1 hour before or after meals.
- Use as part of your workout routine.
Keep in mind that the above is a normal dosage for maintenance purposes. Since each person's body is different, it's good to listen to your body. Starting off with the recommended dose and then adding a little gradually can be a good way to assess you body's needs.


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Here's to Your Radiant Health,
Teri Secrest


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