Ready to have unlimited energy and stamina throughout your day? 

Unlock boundless energy and stamina with no juicer or blender necessary! It's easy - just add two super simple, nutrient-rich food supplements to your daily routine: NingXia Red and NingXia Greens. 

Where do these legendary ingredients come from? Enter the NingXia Wolfberry plant (AKA Goji Berries). 

In 1993, Young Living Founder D. Gary Young encountered Chinese scientist Dr. Songqiao Chao who told him about a small area in Northern China called Ningxia that had been blessed by nature with an unparalleled botanical resource of wild harvest wolfberries... Could this be it?! The answer: Yes!!! And so began the powerful story of our go-to source for ultimate vitality – NINGXIA RED!

This sweet and tangy drink’s formula includes wolfberry, which is touted for its health benefits. It also features plum, aronia, cherry, blueberry, and pomegranate juice. NingXia Red is packed with superfoods to support overall wellness. In addition to these antioxidant ingredients, NingXia Red’s formula includes pure vanilla extract and Lemon, Orange, Yuzu, and Tangerine essential oils for a great-tasting, healthy treat. 

NingXia Red Benefits

The benefits of NingXia Red include support for energy levels, normal cellular function, whole-body health, and normal eye health. A daily shot of 2–4 ounces helps support overall wellness with powerful antioxidants.* 

It contains every essential amino acid. It contains 13 percent protein, the highest protein content of any fruit. It has trace minerals. It has naturally occurring Vitamins B1, B6, and B2—the energy vitamin.  It has more Vitamin C than all the fruits and veggies on the earth: 148 milligrams. Parsley and Spinach have 133 milligrams. Oranges have 53. It has more calcium than cherries (16mg) and cruciferous veggies (50) at 110 milligrams, and more beta carotene (12,600) than carrots (11,000). It is loaded with fiber because the skin of the berry was preserved. 

There are 7 main ways that NingXia Red can scientifically support the body’s overall health. 

  1. Antioxidants: One ounce of Ningxia red = 2 pounds of wolfberries. There are 17 or 18 species of wolfberry, but only the NingXia wolfberry has the ability to deliver all the micro and macro nutrients that are bioavailable to the cells of your body. Antioxidants play a huge role in aging, memory, arthritis, inflammation—and so much more. Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) is a method of measuring antioxidant capacities.  Presently, the highest antioxidant on the ORAC scale is vitamin E which comes in between 800 and 1200, followed by blueberries, raspberries, pomegranates etc... A combination of fruits, together, reach around 3000 on the ORAC. The ORAC score of NingXia is 27,300.  
  2. Acid to Alkaline: In your body, you have alkaline acid. What creates disease? Acid. It breeds virus, bacteria, and fungus. When you can keep your pH neutral, you inhibit growth of things you don’t want in your body. Everything we eat converts in the stomach, which has a pH of 2.5. Wolfberry goes into the stomach and starts to break down as acid, but the minute it hits the small intestine, it immediately converts back to alkaline. It’s acid binding and alkaline forming. Only one other food does that: the lemon. Wolfberry is chemically structured to convert because of the amino acid Tripsin—which is responsible for the conversion of amino acids in protein. And guess what NingXia is? It’s alkaline protein. It’s the most perfect food that exists. 
  3. Free Radicals: Where do free radicals come from? The air, electromagnetic fields, stuff we’re eating—chocolate, sugar. They are the army guys on the wrong side of the team. They wreak havoc. You outnumber the army with NingXia. Your body does a good job at taking care of oxidative stress, but one of the reasons we age—the reasons we get wrinkly, the reasons we feel tired-- it’s because of an excess of free radicals. Everything that is high in ORAC will flush your system really well.  Your body gets quadrillions of free radical attacks each day: 10,000 attacks **per cell** per day. The body needs a leg up. Most other “nutritional” drinks do little against superoxide—the worst free radical—because the drinks are so heavily processed. Gary worked for years to protect the berry all the way to the bottle, so you get the full benefits. The NingXia wolfberry was saved during processing. That means it is a powerhouse designed to fight free radicals in the body. 
  4. Vitamin/Mineral Pairs: Minerals have to be properly balanced. Too much calcium will result in a zinc deficiency. Too much zinc can suppress immunity and lead to anemia. Both the mineral profile and the mineral balance of the NingXia wolfberry is without equal in the plant kingdom. With magnesium to calcium ratios 1:1, zinc to copper 2:1, and potassium to magnesium 8:1: it is exactly what the body needs in proportion. 
  5. It’s A Macronutrient: You’re getting whole food nutrition. It’s coming from the plant—not a synthetic source. It’s coming from a food-based source. That means it’s easier for your body to process and you’ll absorb more of what you’re eating. It is also a liquid. If you did a digestive function test, 95-98 percent of us would come back with a weak or deficient digestive system—because of medications, stress, and processed food. To get NingXia in a liquid form means you absorb it faster, and your body doesn’t have to break it down.
  6. It’s Infused with Essential Oils: Essential Oils in NingXia act as a delivery system to the body. Because it’s infused with YL therapeutic-grade essential oils, it increases the absorption rate of NingXia. The tiny oils act as a delivery system for the larger molecules. 
  7. It Has the Right Sugar and the Right Enzymes: But sugar is bad, right? Not all sugar. NingXia has the right sugar to open the door to your cell. When our cell membranes are 1) inflamed 2) oxidized 3) toxic 4) lacking in mitochondrial function to energize the receptors to open and close—we have no energy. NingXia’s sugars open the door to our cells so good information can get passed to them. It crosses the lipid layer of the cell and passes inside. Only 8 sugars on the earth can open the door. NingXia has 4 of the 8, naturally occurring inside the wolfberry. Let’s also talk enzymes. By age 40, you start losing digestive enzymes in the gut. NingXia is loaded with the right enzymes to help you break food down and get the nutrients out of what you eat. Feed your body exactly what it needs.
    ~ The above benefits information was taken from Sarah Harnisch’ Script Book class text “Intro to NingXia Class"

Now for the Greens 

With NingXia Greens, getting your daily dose of fruits and greens is as simple as scooping our superfood powder into your favorite drink. Add 1 scoop to your daily smoothie, juice, protein shakes, or even water for a quick and easy way to get your nutrients!

Inside each serving, you’ll find 50 fermented whole foods, five varieties of immune-supporting mushrooms, and wolfberry fruit and sprouted leaves from our farm in Ningxia, China. All that plant-based goodness is carefully extracted using a heat-free method so you can enjoy the full nutrients and healthy benefits they have to offer. 

With this unique blend of superfood ingredients, greens, and premium essential oils, Young Living has taken the guesswork out of your nutrition needs. All you have to do is scoop, stir, and enjoy!

  • Packs 2–3 servings of fruits and vegetables in every scoop
  • Delivers a powerful dose of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and other important phytonutrients
  • Contains 60+ nutrient-rich vegetables, fruits, herbs, algae, and mushrooms
  • Supports a healthy immune system, digestive health, and boost of energy*
  • Features our MultiGreens™ proprietary oil blend, originally formulated by D. Gary Young
  • Contains no artificial colors, flavors, fillers, sweeteners, or added sugars

  • NingXia wolfberry fruit powder and sprouted leaves: Also known as goji berries, wolfberries come from an ancient plant, long praised in China for its powerful health benefits.
  • Maitake, reishi, turkey tail, shiitake, and enokitake mushrooms: A source of soluble fiber known as beta glucans, these mushrooms help support a healthy immune system.*
  • Fermented Superfood Blend: A fermented superfood blend that delivers nutrients that are difficult to obtain from a typical diet, this proprietary combination also contains enzymes to support optimal digestion.*
  • Purslane: An edible succulent, this ingredient is one of the few vegetables that’s rich in plant-based omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals—including copper, magnesium, iron, manganese, and potassium, vitamin E, and vitamin C. Purslane is also a uniquely rich source of 184 phytochemical compounds, including phenolic acids, alkaloids, and flavonoids, which act as antioxidants.
  • Secale cereale flower pollen extract: A non-allergenic and sustainably sourced extract that contains full- spectrum nutrients such as amino acids, phytosterols, fatty acids, carotenoids, flavonoids, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, this extract is clinically shown to display antioxidant and detoxifying capacity and maintain cellular oxidative stress through significant decrease of GSSG (oxidized glutathione).*
  • MultiGreensTM proprietary oil blend: The same combination of premium essential oils found in our MultiGreens supplement, this blend was originally formulated by D. Gary Young.


NingXia Red and NingXia Greens are the perfect power duo to give you boundless energy and stamina without the fuss of having to lug a juicer or blender out and around. There's nothing like a little bit of revolutionary nutrition on the go and with these two products, it's achievable! Your boundless energy awaits! 

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