If you're making plans to attend the Young Living Americas Convention July 13-15 in Salt Lake City, you definitely want to start looking at where to stay. Hotels fill up fast and room rates tend to go up the close to the event you get. I've compiled a list of the hotels closest to the Salt Palace, along with the links to visit their website so that you can look up room rates, location and more to decide what your best option is. 

Keep in mind that there are other options besides a hotel room. My daughter, Elizabeth Rose, is hosting several of her team members at an Air B&B house that's within walking distance from the Salt Palace. This options allows for extra time with your team during meal times, late night brainstorming time, walking back and forth together and the sense of community that you feel when staying in a home. 

If you go Air B&B or VRBO (vacation rental by owner) route, be sure you really enjoy being around the people you share a house with. Bring earplugs if you're a light sleeper or others stay up later than you and it's loud. Dividing costs equally between guests makes is fare and cost-effective. Chip in on food and meal prep. Be sure to reserve early to get your favorite location. 

In past years - due to thousands of YL members coming to town - all short term rentals get booked, all rental cars at the airport get checked out, and hotels fill up. 

Things to take into consideration when choosing a room include:

  • Cost: Nightly rate plus tax and service fees
  • Parking Fees: Do they charge for parking at the hotel per day, or each time you take your vehicle out? Can you park yourself without a valet fee?
  • Distance to the Salt Palace Convention Center where all the main YL events will be taking place. If possible it's nice to be within walking distance so you don't need to drive and pay extra parking fees or worry about traffic and pedestrians.
  • Do you need an elevator, have a hard time walking long distances, or need wheelchair access?
  • Do you want/need a refrigerator or kitchenette or full kitchen? 
  • Do you need/want an extra seating area separate from your bedroom?
  • How many people will be in your room and will you want a bed to yourself or be okay sharing a bed with a spouse or friend?
  • Distance to restaurants and the local grocery store. Harmons Neighborhood Grocer is where I go to stock up on snacks and such. *It's easy to get so wrapped up in conversation and meeting new friends that you find yourself in need of dinner after all the restaurants are closed, or you need a midnight snack. It's okay to eat a bowl of cereal at 3am - that's what I do when I can't sleep!  :-)

* Marriott hotel patio just across the street from the main entrance to the Salt Place 

List of hotels that are close to the Salt Palace:

# 15) Salt Lake Marriott Downtown At City Creek

# 9) Hyatt Regency Salt Lake

# 19) AC Hotel Salt Lake City Downtown

*Grand America Hotel

Hotels a little farther away with good reviews:

# 10) Little America Hotel 
*This is where Teri Secrest, Beverly Banks, and Jan Weger are staying. We would love for you to join us! :-)

# 1) The Grand American Hotel

Air B&B and VRBO
These are two great options if you're wanting to rent a room, rent a home, an apartment or a flat. Keep in mind that it's best to ask the owner before inviting more people over to your rental than the number you list as guests. These services are cracking down on "parties" being held in short term rental locations. 

Vacation Rental By Owner (VRBO): https://www.vrbo.com

There are several options for transportation. I've found that taking a taxi is the easiest. Plus, during convention week you've got to take one of the PediCabs for the exhilarating experience of being in the open air and waving at friends. Simply flag down a driver and they will pick you up. 

Taxi Salt Lake City: (800) 396-5000

City Cab Company: 801-363-5550

Shuttle Salt Lake City: 801-682-2683

The Restaurant Scene and What To Pack
Stay tuned for the next two blogs covering "YL Convention What To Pack" and "YL Convention Where To Eat".

Let's Connect

I hope this blog is helpful. Please share with any team members going to convention or thinking about attending. 

Beverly Banks and I certainly look forward to seeing you in person, and if you stay at the Little America Hotel we can met in the lobby! Even if you're somewhere else, get in touch and let us know you're coming so we can find each other and have some team time! 

Teri Secrest


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