Based on input from customers, the page editor has been updated with the following changes:

Know & Set When A Section Shows Only On A Specific Device

There now are four additional icons (the first four on the left, below) that allow you to quickly see and change what devices that the section is visible in. Devices range from mobile phones on the left, up to larger-screen computers shown on the 4th icon from the left. The icon will dim when the section is not visible on that device, like in the example below where that section will not be visible on mobile phones but it is visible on other devices. Additionally, hover over the device type to see whether it is visible on that device, and click it for easy access to toggle that setting.

There also is a new gear icon at the far right. Clicking this icon will hide the section toolbar in case it gets in the way of editing or if you'd simply like to de-clutter your view of your page.

Parallax Position

When editing the page section (clicking the "Edit Section Settings" button in the toolbar above, the fourth icon from the right), there now is a new Parallax Position slider.  If you've chosen a parallax background and your image didn't fully cover the section from the top to the bottom of the page, try adjusting this setting - there usually is a setting that will cover the page.

Mobile Usability Improvements

More and more people are editing their pages on a mobile device, so the page editor has received some usability improvements:

  • Previously, the bar with the Add, Settings, Save, and View buttons on it would stick partway to the top of the page. Now, it will fully scroll off the page to get out of the way.
  • The new section controls toolbar is initially hidden when editing on mobile devices to allow you to see more of your content and to get out of the way when you're tapping to edit it. To show the section tools, tap the gear icon (shown below) to open the section toolbar.
  • Popup windows on mobile devices have been expanded to be the full size of the page. This allows more room to work on smaller devices.
  • There are also a few other smaller look-and-feel and usability enhancements to improve the quality of the editing experience.

Please let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues at Thanks!


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