5 Great Reasons to Keep a Journal

5 Great Reasons to Keep a Journal
Keeping a journal is a great idea for everyone, regardless of age. 

There are so many benefits gained from taking a few minutes each day to record your thoughts in a journal. 

The costs are minimal and the payback is huge. 

A journal is a great idea for you and your children. 

Many life coaches require that clients keep journals as part of their success program.

Discover 5 great reasons to keep a journal:

1. Keep a record of your life for yourself. 

How many times have you tried to remember when some particular incident in your past actually happened? Was it 1994 or 1995? Do you remember the facts differently from others that were involved? Who’s actually right? 

If you keep a journal, you’ll have all the dates and facts right there. More importantly, you’ll be given the opportunity to see how your life has progressed. 

As we get older, every day seems to blend into the next. We get up, go to work, go home, eat dinner, watch TV, and repeat for 40 years.

By writing down the day-to-day aspects of your life, your life will become more interesting. Just the act of recording will encourage you to live a life you deem worthy of recording. You might add more fun and adventure to your life, just so you can write about it.

It’s possible you might want to pass your journals on to your children at some point. Wouldn’t you like to read about your parents or grandparents?

2. You can record the lives of your children. 

Imagine how great it would be to keep a journal while your child is growing up and then give it to her later in life?

You’ll record everything that happened during the years when they are too young to keep a journal themselves. It will also be a great reminder for you.
3. Journals are great for processing feelings. 

Things are always a little clearer when we get them out of our heads and down on paper. 

Everything is a little more objective and realistic. 

You might be surprised at what you figure out about yourself if you take the time to keep a journal.

4. Work towards your goals with a journal. 

A significant part of reaching goals is recording progress and prioritization. By writing about your goals each day, you can continually reaffirm your goals are worth achieving

How often have you set a goal and then forgotten all about it after a few days or a couple of weeks? If you write it down in a journal, there’s less chance that will happen.

Record the progress you are making towards your goals. Make notes about new ideas to move closer to your goals. 

When you achieve a goal, you’ll be able to look back and remember how great it felt to accomplish it. The next goal will be even easier.

5. A journal will reduce the amount of stress in your life. 

Journaling forces you to unplug and focus your mind. Sometimes the best thing for a stressed mind is to turn off the computer and sit quietly with your thoughts. 

When you record your challenges, your brain starts looking for solutions. Having a solution to a challenge relieves stress!

Consider keeping a journal for yourself and your children. The benefits are considerable, and it doesn’t have to take more than a few minutes per day. When your children are old enough, encourage them to keep journals as well. 

Journaling is a great tool that doesn’t cost much at all. A pen and notebook are the only items required.

Check out the journal I created that has skyrocketed my daily productivity!

Mountain Mover Journal

Mountain Mover Journal
365 days…TWELVE Habits…2,190 Tasks toward your Goals!
  • Proven method to increase productivity
  • Time Saver – Takes only MINUTES each day
  • 365 Daily Entries – Track Your Entire YEAR!
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Get ready for the most productive year of your life! 

  1. Time Saver.  Most journals these days are essentially scrapbooks and take up valuable time doodling, checking boxes and writing down every single detail of your time. This journal takes only MINUTES each day to fill out, focusing on what’s most important which leaves you more time to get things done!
  2. Efficiency.  This 6×9 book can easily fit in your bag and has enough space for 365 days instead of the average 90 days. Shorter journal entries allows you to focus on the most important highlights of the day, setting you up for success by being consistent.
  3. Proven Strategies.  Success begins with a solid daily routine.  By writing down your goals daily, having gratitude, always improving yourself by developing good habits, completing six of the most important tasks each day (Ivy Lee Method) and reflecting on each of these, you are setting yourself up for success!

How to use your Mountain Mover Journal

This journal was created to be quick, simple, intentional and save time.  It is designed to keep laser-focus on your goals and maximize your productivity.

Daily Tasks

Each night, list your top six tasks for the next day, prioritizing them by importance.  Your goal is to complete all six tasks throughout the day by finishing the first before moving onto the next.  This is called the Ivy Lee method, a 100-year-old strategy used by Charles Schwab to skyrocket productivity.  If for any reason you don’t finish your list, move what you didn’t complete to the top of the text day and fill in the remaining lines.

30 Day Habits

You can completely change a habit in 30 days if you are consistent.  Each day, write what habit you would like to change.  It could be that you are working on quitting a bad habit, or working to develop a good habit.  Writing it down daily consistently sets your intention.  By the end of the year, you will have changed TWELVE Habits!! That’s phenomenal!!


Write out your next big goal until you achieve it.  The process of writing it down will solidify it in your subconscious and you will stay focused on achieving that goal.  Once you complete your goal, celebrate, draw some stars and fireworks and start writing your next goal.

Today I am Grateful for…

Gratitude is POWERFUL!  Being grateful raises your frequency, starts out the day with positive thoughts and attracts more of the same.


On the blank lines, this is YOUR Zone.  You may choose to write a quick blurb about your day, write out your daily affirmation, or journal how you feel.  Think about what you will want to remember about your journey when you flip back through your pages and reflect on how to improve.
Above all…be consistent, keep focused and have fun!
You’re gonna Move Mountains!