The top 10 essential oil diffusers from Young Living

Now that the warm and cozy season is here, I know you are craving cozy spaces and warm fragrances to enjoy those slow, lazy afternoons. Cue all the fall feels, am I right?! 

So why not fill your space with the perfect diffuser? 

Young Living offers beautiful, high-quality diffusers so you can get the most out of your essential oils. The next time you are hosting friends, they will all be asking, "where did you get that diffuser?" 

Here are my picks for the top 10 essential oil diffusers from Young Living. 

Sweet Aroma Diffuser
Wholesale Price: $44.50

Sweet Aroma is the unsung hero in my book. It's a workhorse with a strong aroma output! I will tuck two 5 ml oils inside and toss it in my weekend getaway bag. The plastic casing makes it my go-to for travel!  

Viya Car Diffuser
Wholesale Price: $31.75

If you are looking for a car diffuser, Viya is your best bet. Fits perfectly in your cup holder with a USB adapter. It's beautiful grey marbled look is so unique! Vibe out in traffic or the carpool line with this and Stress Away.   

Haven Ceramic Diffuser
Wholesale Price: $31.00

The Haven has been a popular customer fave for good reason. It's the perfect petite diffuser for small spaces like bathrooms and offices. The ceramic casing really takes it up a notch and fits well with modern décor. You can't go wrong! 

Ember Diffuser
Wholesale Price: $31.00

The dreamy Ember...what's not the love? The deep charcoal with rubberwood base is so gorgeous! It has a more masculine vibe for the men of your life who love oils like you do. You will want one of these for every room! 

Artisan Diffuser
Lustre: $36.00 // Lucia: $32.00

The Young Living Artisan Diffusers are breathtaking by design. Every glass cover is handcrafted by a master glassblower trained for years in the art of glasswork, making each diffuser a unique work of art. 

Feather the Owl Diffuser
Wholesale Price: $56.00

Child-friendly and simple to use, Feather is a diffuser, white noise machine, nightlight, and humidifier all in one!
Also check out Snowy the Owl Diffuser for a modern alternative.

Desert Mist Diffuser
Wholesale Price: $29.95

The Desert Mist is a tried-and-true favorite. This one is easy to use and has great output. It has a beautiful trellis detail and rose gold accents. It comes with the Premium Starter Bundle!

Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser
Wholesale Price: $260.25

I know it, you've been eyeing this one for a while. Let me tell you, it really is absolutely breathtaking. The Aria has such a unique design to Young Living's other diffuser options. The glass dome top gives the allure of beautiful vapor. Treat yourself!

Lantern Diffuser
Wholesale Price: $95.25

The Lantern is the perfect addition to your porch or outdoor space! I love to diffuse Citronella while it runs on candle flicker mode. Your next house guests will be asking you, "where did you get that?"  

Raindrop Diffuser
Wholesale Price: $196.25

Created with an exquisite and rare purple clay found only in a small region of China, each Rainstone Diffuser is handmade using ancient craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation for more than 1,000 years. 

Need help choosing the right diffuser for your space?
Let me know and I'll tell you my personal favorites!

How to thrive as an empath

How to thrive as an empath
As an empath, I am very sensitive to the energetic frequencies of those around me. I've struggled with finding balance between wanting to help others process negative feelings and having space to process my own. 

It can be completely draining to constantly take on what others are feeling, or to constantly try to deflect it. Over the years, I've learned a few tricks that help me tremendously.

  1. Be sure to take time for yourself. Mediate, take an Epsom salt bath with your favorite calming oils to cleanse off toxic energy, or get up early and spend some time in the quiet before the rest of the house gets up. Whatever works for you.
  2. When you take on the baggage of others, they tend to start handing it to you regularly. Set clear boundaries and don't be afraid to take a step away from people/things that aren't good for your wellbeing.
  3. Essential oils are vibrational tools. They are nature’s living energy and have the ability to help us restore our energy system. White Angelica is one of my favorite oil blends for calming nerves and providing a sense of protection against negative energies. I apply a few drops topically on my shoulders, then over my energy field. 
  4. Another favorite essential oil for warding off negative energies is Palo Santo. Palo Santo helps to raise your vibrational frequency, clears negative energy, and detoxifies/purifies. It's one of my favorite aromas.
  5. Spending time in nature is a great way to recharge and cleanse your energy. Go forest bathing, do some gardening, or just get your bare feet in some green grass. Whatever you choose to do, get yourself outdoors and connect with nature.
  6. For those really intense emotions, the Feelings Kit is my go-to for processing and healing. It includes six essential oil blends formulated to promote emotional clearance and self renewal (Forgiveness, Valor, Harmony, Present Time, Release, and Inner Child), and I use a specific protocol for applying & using each of them. This kit is also especially helpful for anyone who works in a profession that requires heightened awareness (first responders, healthcare, military, etc.)
What methods do you use for healthy clearing of negative energies and emotions?

Joy Comes In the Morning

Joy Comes In the Morning
[This week's blog post from Lisa]

Do you love sunset/sunrise? There's just something about the beautiful colors God paints the skies with every morning and evening. It gives me so much peace, which I especially needed today.

It was an exceptionally hard day. This isn't something I talk much about, but I realized today that I have been intentionally avoiding this subject because I have some healing to do. Healing is hard work.

In 2017, right after I had my daughter, we also adopted a son. We had so many plans and dreams for our newly expanded family. The day the adoption was finalized was one of the happiest days of our lives.

What we didn't know, was heartbreak was right around the corner. We were lied to by the state, as much information about our son's past trauma and abuse was withheld from us. We had no idea what he was capable of. I won't go into everything that happened, but our lives were in danger and we were faced with some very tough choices to not only protect ourselves and our other children, but also to protect our adopted son for more trauma.

In the end, we placed him in a home with guardians who could better provide resources he needs, with no other children in the home, with the agreement we would continue to be part of his life. If all worked out, they could choose to adopt him with an open adoption. We were quickly cut off, lied to, hurt, blocked from any access to him, and they're not abiding by the written guardianship agreement. We've been supporting him financially every month from Day 1.

I am not his birth mother, but he is my son and I have lost him. My pain is real, but dismissed by the other party. The wound was reopened today and I realized I have some mindset work, trauma processing, and lots of praying, and forgiveness to work on. Not just for myself, but for the other party too.

Looking forward to another sunrise tomorrow.

"Weeping may last through the night,
but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5 

Did your doctor get it wrong?

[This week's blog from Total Wellness Defined]

We live in a toxic world and our bodies are constantly attacked from all angles. We must be taught to approach health from ALL angles. Diet is one of those angles, but without approaching it from the whole body perspective, true health cannot be achieved. I've talked to many people (women especially) who try everything they can to get their weight under control to no avail. Thus starts the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting through the latest weight-loss plans, depression and feelings of failure, "miracle" supplements, and prescriptions that don't address the underlying issues.

This is why it is so important to stand firm, advocate for yourself, do your research, and learn to listen to what your body is telling you. No one (besides God) will ever know your body better than YOU do. Your body has the power to heal; it just needs to be unlocked. It takes work, but YOU ARE WORTH IT!

I had a client recently share with me about a doctor who told her she needed to lose weight. She had visited due to some pain she was dealing with, in an effort to find the cause, and the response she received was a feeling of "this is YOUR fault because you're overweight", rather than one of compassion and an honest search for a reason behind the pain she was experiencing. She was then given medicine to "see if this works", without a true diagnosis.

Don't get me wrong, I don't completely reject modern medicine, but there's some major flaws in the system. It's become all about money instead of health. The approach to health is compartmentalized - instead of approaching health from the WHOLE BODY perspective, modern medicine looks at just one piece and attempts to cover up symptoms in that one area with pills and surgeries (which are sometimes completely unnecessary). Then more pills and surgeries to "fix" the new issues the original pills and surgeries caused. It's a never-ending cycle that keeps us all unwell.

Even if you're fortunate enough to have a doctor who supports a natural, whole body wellness approach (like mine does), they are often bound by insurance companies and medical groups that limit their ability to make certain suggestions for natural wellness. Insurance and pharmaceuticals don't make money off of healthy people! Plus, doctors are human and they make mistakes. They know THE body, but not necessarily YOUR body. You are your best advocate for your own health. 

Have you ever been misdiagnosed or been demeaned for your weight by a medical professional? 

The 30-day Gratitude Challenge that will change your life

The 30-day Gratitude Challenge that will change your life
[This week's blog by Lisa Main -]

Do you find yourself more overwhelmed at this time of year? 

Extra workload, the holidays, time change, weird weather, plus all the usual responsibilities...things can get a bit chaotic. When I get too overwhelmed, I get crabby and overly emotional. How about you?

That's when I have to take a step back and figure out how to change the narrative (you'll see me use that phrase often). My go-to method is practicing gratitude. When you learn how to appreciate the blessings you have, you start to focus less on the things you lack or the situations that steal your joy. I think most of us would say we are grateful for our blessings, but I'm talking about a more intentional practicing of gratitude, a focus on the things that we might take for granted.

Did the light change to green just before you got there when you were running late? 
Do you finally get to wear your favorite winter boots again?
Did you have a little extra time to sip your coffee before rushing out the door today? 
What if you woke up tomorrow and had no ability to see? Or hear?

Time, sight, hearing, weather...they're all gifts. You didn't somehow earn any of them. These past two years, many have discovered how much of a gift the senses of taste and smell are! When you practice intentional gratitude, you'll find so many gifts throughout your day that likely outweigh all the yucky stuff. That's not to discount the trials in life, but you can choose to look for good even as you honor and acknowledge those going through struggles (including your own).

It can be difficult to put into practice at first. Let's be honest - misery loves company. When you're in a miserable mood, you tend to want to sit and stew in it, even when part of you wants things to be better. This post I found in the Lavender Life blog helps make it easier to practice gratitude daily. Print the Gratitude Calendar and put it somewhere you will see it every morning as soon as you get up. Do a gratitude task each morning, and it will eventually become as involuntary as breathing. I like to journal my gratitude whenever I can. On the particularly rough days, it helps to go back and read the list of blessings I had written down.

When you start each day with a grateful heart, it's hard to be in a bad mood. When things do happen that set a negative tone, you'll be much more likely to immediately turn to gratitude and look for the blessings in every situation. This will also help others around you stay more positive. Your positive outlook will bleed into everything you do, and you'll attract positive situations, including better health (stress = health problems). 

What do you say? Will you commit to 30 days of gratitude? It doesn't have to be the 1st of the month to start. Just get started!

I'd love to know how you feel when you're done! I'll even send you a little gift if you reply back to me when you're finished, because it means so much to me that you see the life-changing benefits of practicing intentional gratitude .


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