The custom page builder is upgraded with these two improvements:

Sticky Page Sections

What are sticky page sections? They are a way to "stick" a section of your page to the top or bottom, or both. In the custom page builder, click the Edit Section Background icon, then scroll down and find the "Stick to Top" or "Stick to Bottom" options shown in the 2nd screenshot below.  Feel free to experiment with it. Here is a demo page if you want to see how it works - there are two "stick to top" sections on that page and one "stick to bottom" section.

Copy In Page

Ever wish you could copy in all or a part of another page into the page you're editing? Now you can. First, click to add a section using the Add button or the divider line between sections (shown below).

Then, click the Copy In Another Page button shown here:

Finally, choose the page you want to copy into the current page and then click the Copy In button. If you used the Add button, it will add the copied page to the bottom; if you clicked the divider line, it will insert the page where you clicked.

We hope you find these features valuable! Please let us know by leaving feedback here or contacting if you have any questions. 🙂