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Have you ever instantly reacted with a strong negative emotion to what seems to just be a benign situation? Would you like to be able to calmly handle each situation as it arises?

Hi! My name is Mischa and am so excited to share this life-altering journey called Aroma Freedom with you!  Please read my story below.

I have been volunteering for decades to help others learn ways to make decisions that move them in a positive direction, feel better about themselves and be able to authentically do what they love in life, which is very satisfying. 

However, I continued to struggle with respecting my own boundaries as a Highly Sensitive Person, and feeling highly reactive to any stress or life change.

Then, in 2021, Aroma Freedom entered my life. This technique is based on a century of neuroscience, and has helped me to be more grounded with inner strength and confidence than I ever thought possible.  😊🌲 

When my triggers present themselves, instead of instantly panicking and becoming highly emotional, I am now able to calmly and rationally deal with each situation. What a relief!

I have been honored to guide my clients with AFT for 2 years, and will be delighted to work with you, too, so that you can also feel the core strength, stability, creativity and joy that represents your true self. 🌺


  1. Your story inspires me. Sometimes our triggers are so deeply part of our core, we don’t know how to navigate through them. Thank you for introducing me to these aromatherapy techniques.
    Mischa Brown AUTHOR  01/06/2024 04:53 PM Central
    You’re welcome. I am so grateful for your gentle, consistent support over so many decades. Your energy has always been soothing to me, even though I didn’t know how to process my own stuff at the time. It’s an honor to share about what fulfills, and excites me! :-)
  2. It is obvious to me, as an outside observer, that the Aroma Therapy Techniques have had a hugh impact on your life!
    You are a changed person...calmer, more energetic and truly more empathetic to others.
    It is a joy to watch you continue to grow as you deal with challenging situations in a successful and positive way.
    Mischa Brown AUTHOR  12/31/2023 04:52 PM Central
    That means so much to me, and that is why I’m so passionate about helping others. :-)
  3. It’s been amazing to watch your journey unfold!
    Mischa Brown AUTHOR  12/31/2023 03:57 PM Central
    Thank you so much!

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