Here is an excerpt from the book that Dr. Benjamin Perkus is writing, shared with permission, who is the clinical psychologist who developed the Aroma Freedom Technique.

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Email from Dr. Benjamin Perkus:

“As some of you may know, I am about halfway through writing my second book on Aroma Freedom - one that will clarify all of the techniques as well as the neuroscience of Memory Reconsolidation it is based on.

Another helpful part of the book is some checklist exercises to give you an idea of where Aroma Freedom might be able to help you.

Here is one of the longer exercises I have adapted from the book for you to take at home.

Personal Freedom and Fulfillment Check-in Exercise 

Below, rate yourself on a scale from 1 - 5 on how accurate the statements are—1 means “not accurate at all,” and 5 means “most accurate.” 

Once you’ve rated yourself for each statement, total up your scores and then use the Answer Key to determine your next steps. 

Personal Freedom and Fulfillment Check-in Statements (1-5)

  • I work at a job (or am self-employed at a job) that I love
  • I have a fulfilling relationship with a life partner
  • I feel close and connected to people in my life
  • I am at peace most days
  • I love and accept myself, who I am, and what I have done
  • I can think about events from the past freely, without being bothered by them
  • I wake up each day with a sense of purpose and meaning
  • I know that I am making a positive difference in the world
  • I am able to express my wants and needs honestly and effectively
  • I have activities in my life that I enjoy
  • I feel healthy and energetic most of the time
  • I am able to remain calm and peaceful even in the midst of stressful situations
  • I know how I feel and what I want most of the time
  • I feel a sense of personal empowerment in my life
  • When strong feelings come over me, I feel confident that I can effectively deal with whatever is coming up
  • I am able to feel and express anger appropriately, without feeling guilty afterwards
  • I am able to feel sadness when I lose someone or something, without it ruining my whole day
  • I am able to experience failure, or lose a game, without it ruining my whole day
  • I rarely experience self-criticism, and when I do, I am able to learn how to improve myself
  • I can hear criticism from others without becoming defensive or angry
  • I know that my life has value and worth
  • I can witness others’ successes without becoming jealous
  • I am able to pursue and achieve meaningful goals
  • I am clear about what I want in life
  • I am able to manifest the money I need for me and my family to live the way we would like to live
  • I communicate with my partner effectively

What Your Score Really Means

Score: 0 - 52
Emotional Healing needs to become a Priority

If you have a low score on this exercise, it likely means that you are still carrying around quite a bit of baggage from unresolved emotional stressors and/or traumatic situations in your life.  These unresolved situations make it difficult for you to function with the level of freedom that you desire.  Your communication with others is likely inhibited, as is your ability to pursue and reach meaningful and fulfilling goals.  This may also have a negative effect on your physical wellness and energy, and your financial situation.

However, the good news is that all of that can be fixed.  Each of the above statements are reflective of the kinds of results people can experience with Aroma Freedom.  By addressing these life areas individually through the Aroma Freedom process, you can begin to experience a “snowball” effect.  As you become better able to navigate emotions in life, your work life will improve, your relationships will improve, and you will be on your way to a life of purpose and meaning.

When you read this book, pay attention to the stories of hope and healing from people just like you who have had powerful transformations and who have gone on to help others live happier, more meaningful lives.  Try the exercises I will give you in Part 3 so that you can experience this transformation firsthand, and follow the recommendations I give about how to begin or deepen your healing journey.

Score: 53 - 78
You are on the right track, keep growing!

If your score landed you here, it means that you likely have several areas in your life that are going pretty well.  You may have a good job, close relationships, and some things in your life that bring you joy and happiness.

However, you probably also have some areas in your life that could benefit from additional improvement.  Perhaps you have not yet found how to create the level of career or relationship fulfillment that you know you deserve.  Or maybe you still find yourself thinking back to unhappy or unresolved memories and being overwhelmed with emotion.  Or you worry about the future and are not sure how to face it.

With a good foundation of emotional health, you will probably be able to jump right in and fine-tune the areas of your life that are not working.  Pay attention to the chapter on Aroma Freedom Technique and goal setting, and begin setting meaningful goals to work through using the processes in this book.  Also, learn and practice the Aroma Reset daily to raise your ability to handle the daily stresses of life.

Score: 79+ 
You are already flying…now let's soar!

If you have landed at this score, you likely have multiple areas in your life that are going really well.  You are able to communicate effectively, set and reach goals, think about the past and future without becoming overwhelmed, and handle the stressors of life pretty well.

The next step for you would be to begin setting and reaching even bigger, more outrageous and fulfilling goals.  Aiming your sights even higher will activate your true potential. It will also bring up any areas in your life that are still in need of healing, or where you are still limiting yourself.  

As you read this book, pay attention to any inner voices coming up that believe that these results are “too good to be true.”  They may represent the final resistance your brain is putting up to stepping into the world of true accomplishment and joy.  And, if you find yourself getting excited at the thought of helping yourself and others achieve this magical state of flow, you may want to explore becoming an Aroma Freedom Practitioner so that you can share this freedom with others.”


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