“Rest when a little rest will suffice.”

I heard this quote recently and I really like it.  I find that it takes a great deal of patience and self-control to be able to stop what I’m doing, and rest a little, so that I can keep going AND avoid burnout, crash and burn, flare, etc.

So, how do we start?  Well, it seems like it should go without saying, but… it’s worth saying:  We need to pace our pacing.  What do I mean by that?  Well, if you’re anything like me, you may want to start pacing by doing ALL  the pacing things.  But, that will only wear us out before we’ve even gotten started, right?  I think we’ve all done that at least once before, and it doesn’t work, does it?

So, I’ve found that it’s best to just PICK ONE THING that we can do to regulate ourselves through pacing.  Some ideas:

  • Set a timer when we usually feel most tired during the day and lie down for 5 minutes, no excuses.
  • Sit, stand or lie still for 5 minutes after we’ve done just one thing, breathing slowly and deliberately and relaxing our body from head to toe.
  • Grab an essential oil, put a drop in the palm of your hand, rub your palms together and breath in the oil, with your eyes closed for a couple of minutes — or even better, do an Aroma Reset while you’re at it — to help settle your mind and refocus on just your next step in the next task. (Ask me for my quick guide, if you don’t already have one.)

As you feel the benefits of just taking a moment or two each day to “reset”, you will be more prepared to do the bigger things that will help you to be stronger, more stable and more confident in taking care of yourself.  Perhaps things like:

  • Allowing yourself to take a nice, comforting bath before bed — that means “checking out” of the business of the day at least 1/2 hour earlier than normal — Add in some Epsom salts with a few drops of essential oils added before adding the salts to your bath (helps them to disperse better), light a candle, turn down/off the lights, turn on some gentle music or an audiobook and relax for 20-30 minutes in the tub.  I have a nice bath cushion that I use as a head/neck support that wasn’t expensive.
  • Schedule 20-30 minutes where you can just read or listen to something that allows you to relax.  I try to do this in the afternoon, especially around 2:00 or 3:00 pm, because this is when I just start wandering around getting nothing done, because my mind is so foggy.
  • Pick a time of the day to spend outside, walking or gardening, GENTLY.  If you suffer from allergies like I do, you may decide to wear a good mask, and make sure to change your clothes and take a quick shower (including washing/rinsing your hair) once you are done being outside to limit the pollen exposure when you come inside.  This has been crucial for me during the worst pollen season of the year in Oregon.  I am so grateful for good masks and running water!!
What would you add to either of these lists?


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