Planting the Seeds to to Wellness with March 2023 Free Gifts with Purchase

Are you ready to plant the seeds to spring into the cozy, comforting, nourishing, and health-promoting YL promo products for March?
It's the first of the month, and for those who regularly order essential oils from Young Living, you know that that means...
The unveiling of March 2023’s Gifts with Purchase!
March 2023’s gifts with purchase are:
Bonuses for Loyalty Customers & New Enrollments:
Below is more information on the gifts and oily education from my own research and YL's product overviews. 

March 2023 Young Living Promotions

This month's focus is on planting the seeds to nourish, nurture, pamper, and comfort yourself with these wellness-promoting products. Each gift with purchase will help you spring into the next season with more vitality, vigor, and freshness.
Products include:
1. Steeped Vitality Orange Rose-Hip Black Tea Set
The Steeped Vitality Orange Rose Hip Black Tea Set is a full-bodied black tea that combines Assam and pu’erh teas with organic herbs and roots for a warm, comforting drink to start your day right.  It is paired with Lemon Vitality premium essential oil. This has a bright, citrusy flavor and provides antioxidants, including the wellness, mood, and digestive supporting compound, limonene .
Black tea is also rich in antioxidants. Its consumption is linked to improved heart and gut health, better focus, blood sugar balance, and a reduced risk for certain diseases.
This combination is a lively, bold, elevated morning boost and a delicious pick-me-up you can sip throughout the day.* 
Read the product pdf here.
2. BALANCE Gentle Skin Cleanser (Loyalty Order)
The BALANCE cleanser is part of the BALANCE Skin Care Collection. It helps to restore your complexion to its natural beauty and ignite your confidence. BALANCE Cleanser prevents breakouts and clogged pores by removing excess dirt and oil, while also helping to maintain the skin's natural moisture barrier. This formula is gentle enough for everyday use, relying on non-stripping ingredients to condition and moisturize to help your skin feel balanced. 
Formulated to help maintain a healthy skin biome, this cleanser is dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and safe for sensitive skin.
It includes essential oils that not only benefit the skin, but also the whole body. These include the endocannabinoid regulating, body- enhancing copaiba, the emotional lively lemon, soothing lavender, and memory-supporting rosemary oils.
Read the product pdf here.
Lushious Lemon Blend fills your mind and body with cheer with its bright scent. 
This blend  has the following oils and benefits:
Tumeric is the herbal darling of the past few years, for good reason. It supports cognitive health, the body’s natural response to inflammation, immune response, joint flexibility, mobility, and recovery after physical exertion.
Golden Turmeric uses a unique water-dispersible formula that makes it 24 times more bioavailable than standard turmeric products, so you can enjoy the full benefits of turmeric and relax, restore, and recover. It combines the benefits of high-quality turmeric and prebiotics into a delicious mango rose drink.
It also contains frankincense resin, ginger root, and lime oil to synergize its impact.
Read the pdf for this product here.
So, there you have it!
Perhaps you'll try one of these oils products in your next order now that you know a little more about them, or maybe you'll get them for free!!
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