Essential Oils for Thyroid Health

One of the most frequent types of questions I receive from readers is “what oil do I use for ___?” (Fill in the blank.) 

Unfortunately, this is not a simple question, and protocol health solutions are something I am not comfortable with. Besides the legal and ethical reasons of offering a solution without a full wellness history, I am passionate about considering how each person’s unique biochemistry will interact with every essential oil’s versatile characteristics in a distinct and individualized way.

This video is a result of readers’ requests for information on using essential oils for thyroid health. 

In it, I highlight the pitfalls that can occur if one skips over the steps of investigating for the “top offenders” of thyroid health. I then discuss the main factors involved in thyroid balance and which essential oils may be beneficial in each instance. I also dive deeper into several newly discovered studies that used certain essential oils for specific thyroid conditions. This bonus material, located below, was not included in the original, accompanying article that was previously published.

An overview of the topics of this 27-minute video include:
  • The caveats for using “an oil for that” and the synergism of essential oils.
  • Weeding out some of the top causes of thyroid hormone imbalances while alleviating symptoms. These include stress, blood sugar spikes, stealth infections, gastrointestinal and liver issues, environmental burdens, and immune dysfunction.
  • Several studies on using essential oils specifically for thyroid health including Satureja khuzestanica for hyperthyroid rodents, lemon and ginger oil to decrease salivary gland harm in thyroid cancer patients, an essential oil blend to relieve fatigue in hypothyroid patients, and clary sage oil for decreasing cortisol, enhancing mood, and impacting thyroid hormone.
To watch the video and access additional references and the associated article click here.


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