How Essential Oils Can Ease Stress, Aid Transitions, & Soothe the Mind-Body

Along with the psychological effects, our biochemistry, neurological signaling, brain patterning, and physiology are also impacted. They combine perfectly with the holistic mental health support that naturopathic doctors can provide.

Essential oils make a perfect companion to any mental and cognitive wellness protocol that aims to nourish the brain. They intercede at the level of the cause of the stress and overwhelm via influencing our thought processes, feelings, and interpretation of life circumstances. This means that essential oils can instantaneously shift how we feel and perceive events. I believe they are an overlooked holistic modality that can connect the mind-body and lead to true healing.

In this article, I have gathered all my previous posts on essential oils pertinent to the fall transition and coping with uncertain times.

Along with a 15-minute video, I list over ten sources that give specific essential oils and essential oil blends for various topics. It is meant to be used as an updated resource guide on all things related to benefiting brain health and the mind-body including:
  • Improving brain health and cognition
  • Enhancing focus and attention
  • Academic support
  • Relieving bodily stress symptoms, such as tummy tension
  • Grounding
  • …and more


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