Cozy Up to Winter Wellness and Enhance Your Holiday Spirit with December 2023's Gifts with Purchase


May this holiday season be one of joy, reflection, and a time for you to give and receive nourishment and love. 

 This month you can cozy up to winter wellness by unwrapping this month’s gifts with purchase! As the snow settles and you snuggle by the fireplace, these essential oils can support your mind-body-spirit during the holiday season.

  Here’s a Summary of December 2023’s Gifts with Purchase:
  • Thieves Essential Oil Blend. This immune and respiratory enhancing blend has an invigorating and soothing aroma that promotes your wellness. (Loyalty Order, ~$52 retail value)
  • Cedarwood Oil. This oil can soothe your skin to create that healthy holiday shine as it ensures you get optimal rest. (Loyalty Order, ~$17 retail value)
  • Longevity Vitality Blend. This mixture of oils can help to boost your overall resiliency and fortify your defenses. (190 PV tier, ~23 retail value)
  • Copaiba Essential Oil. Copaiba oil supports your endocannabinoid system, which is your body’s major regulatory system. (250 PV tier, ~$89 retail value)
  • Frankincense Oil. Known historically to treat many woes and beautify the skin, perhaps it’s most famous for increasing emotional balance and spiritual awareness. (300 PV tier, ~$153 retail value)
Bonuses for Loyalty Customers:
Below is more information on the gifts and oily education from my own research and YL's product overviews.
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Have a beautiful month of nurturing yourself for more mind-body wholeness.
Happy holidays!
Many blessings,
Dr. Sarah
More Information on December 2023’s Gifts with Purchase
Thieves essential oil blend has multiple properties to support respiratory health and defense and repair. I find it useful during the change of seasons. Yet, it seems to always make my list of favorites for any time of year, due to its multiple properties.
The Thieves oil blend is a combination of clove, rosemary, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and lemon oils. This combination contains various compounds which can help to cleanse the air and provide antioxidant support (source, source). These oils inhibit microbes and can support lung health (e.g., eucalyptus is high in 1-8 cineole). This blend can be diffused to decrease environmental triggers and modulate inflammation. 
This oil can be diffused, applied diluted topically, and as a Longevity oil, it can used internally.
Cedarwood oil is my favorite sleeper oil, literally. It is often overlooked by the “King of Oils." Yet, it is a fir oil that is also grounding and stress-relieving. It is my go-to for shut-eye, along with lavender. It contains one of the highest levels of sesquiterpenes. This compound has been shown to optimize nervous system and brain function, have anti-inflammatory properties, and may support cardiovascular health.
A small, preliminary study with children with ADHD demonstrated that inhaling cedarwood oil positively changed the brain patterns of these little ones. This makes it a wonderful oil to have on hand for youngsters who have a hard time focusing on schoolwork.
This oil can be diffused and applied topically with dilution.
Longevity™ Vitality™ essential oil blend combines:
  • Thyme (for immune support)
  • Orange (high in limonene for cellular and overall health)
  • Clove (rich in eugenol for relieving discomfort and for oral health, it is a powerful antioxidat)
  • Frankincense (see below)
Overall, it can support a healthy immune system and overall wellness when taken internally. *
It was also found in a clinical study to reduce fatigue post infection. You can read the full study and abstract here.
This oil is a famous one for its beta-caryophyllene, a terpene that is a dietary cannabinoid. This compound interacts with the endocannabinoid system, a system that regulates major functions of the body. Copaiba is relaxing to the mind, and benefits the brain, skeletal system, and much more.
There are several chemotypes of frankincense. Many are high in monoterpenes, contain various levels of sesquiterpenes, which support the nervous system and help balance the brain.
Boswellia carterii is my favorite among the Boswellia species. Some contain the compound incensole acetate. This latter molecule has been studied in vitro and vivo for its anti-inflammatory, mood- enhancing, and neurological properties. Your trustworthy supplier will be able to tell you if their bottle of B. carterii is like Young Living’s that has been sourced and distilled to contain incensole.
Regardless of which species you choose, all forms of this sacred essential oil can be used to build up one’s mind- body, and promote spiritual awareness as we head into the holidays.
So, there you have it!
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