September 2022 Promos: Keeping Yourself Healthy & Strong for the Fall Transition

This month the focus is specifically on respiratory and immune support. With the added stress of back-to-school, more gatherings, and colder weather coming, it's a wise idea to be proactive in keeping ourselves healthy and strong. 
Thankfully, Young Living has provided us with lots of free goodies with our purchases to help keep our defense and repair system in tip-top shape.
 Below are the promotional items highlighted.
 1. Thieves Oil
Thieves essential oil blend has multiple properties to support respiratory health and defense and repair. I find it useful during the change of seasons. Yet, it seems to always make my list of favorites for any time of year, due to its multiple properties.
The Thieves oil blend is a combination of clove, rosemary, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and lemon oils. This combination contains various compounds which can help to cleanse the air and provide antioxidant support (source, source). These oils  can support lung health (e.g., eucalyptus is high in 1-8 cineole). This blend can be diffused to decrease environmental triggers and modulate inflammation pathways. 
Thieves is also good for oral care, improving concentration, and aiding in alleviating discomfort.
I diffuse this regularly for overall body system support and to freshen up rooms, especially in moldy areas

RC™ is a potent blend of immune, cellular, and discomfort modulators. It includes black spruce, cypress, and three types of eucalyptus oils (E. globulus, E. radiata, and E. citriodora).
During the winter and colder weather, it’s always a good idea to have blends with conifer oils in them. They are known for supporting our defenses, stress levels, and mood.
Gotta’ love those phytoncides which benefit our bodies as they emit from trees!
This blend contains oils such as peppermint, myrtle, copaiba, and four different types of eucalyptus. This is another ideal mixture to support wellness and the respiratory system
Breathe Again will also help the mind stay more focused and the body more relaxed.
This is a power packed supplement in an easy-to-use, travel ready, soft gelcap.
The essential oils included in a carrier of coconut oil are:
SniffleEase contains a carefully selected blend of cooling, richly aromatic premium essential oils. 
This Young Living exclusive is formulated for children ages two and up and can be applied directly to the chest or throat. 
A gentle blend of Eucalyptus, Palo Santo, R.C.™, and other premium essential oils, SniffleEase has an aroma that helps ease feelings of discomfort and supports the feeling of normal, clear breathing.
So, there you have it!
Perhaps you'll try one of these oils in your next order now that you know a little more about them, or maybe you'll get them for free!!
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Note:  The information linking studies on the essential oils are from scientific journals and are not necessarily specific to a particular company or manufacturer. Please read the full disclaimer on the full posts linked.

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