Ace back to school with July's gifts with purchase!
Enjoy the rest of your summer and when you place your next oils order get prepared for Back-to-School!

In a few weeks there will be freshly sharpened pencils, shiny new shoes, and the slightest hint of fall in the air—all signs the kids will be packing their backpacks and heading to their classrooms!

Inspire a new semester filled with positivity, courage, and routine with essential oil products your children can keep with them in every class.

Check out the goodies from July’s gift with purchase below to see what your littles need to start the school year smooth.

Note: The oils this month are specifically formulated and pre-diluted for smaller humans!

1.  SleepyIze

Getting back into the groove of a schedule after the summer can be difficult.

This exclusive and carefully formulated blend of Lavender, Geranium, Roman Chamomile, Bergamot and other premium essential oils in SleepyIze™ helps set the scene for a calm nighttime routine. 

These oils are some of my favorite for mind-body medicine and soothing the nerves. I diffuse it myself on nights where it is tougher to "turn-off" from the day.

2 & 3. The Thieves Line Exclusives: Thieves Spray and Thieves Hand Sanitizer

Four Thieves blend is a combination of clove, rosemary, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and lemon oils. It contains various compounds which can help to cleanse the air and provide antioxidants (source, source), which assist with decreasing environmental triggers and modulating inflammation. 

The oils in this mixture are also good for oral care, improving concentration, and aiding in alleviating discomfort.

This essential oil blend has multiple properties to support respiratory health and defense and repair. I find it useful during this season of pollination and budding which tends to aggravate allergic symptoms. Yet, it seems to always make my list of favorites for any time of year, due to its multiple properties.

I diffuse and spray this Four Thieves oil regularly for overall body system support and to freshen up rooms, especially in moldy areas. Along with these handy carry-on items, you may want to pick up the Thieves Vitality oil your regular order for other applications.

KidPower is the kids version of Valor, my favorite grounding oil blend. I've actually been swapping the two and suggesting it for my adult clients as well!

Valor is one of my go-to blends for promoting more courage during trying days. It contains the comforting aromas of fir and camphor essential oils. These scents help to alleviate the “out of body” feeling resulting from a whirling, swirling brain. Added to this blend is the ancient spiritual oil of frankincense. This essential oil eases the mind and provides overall physiological support. Finally, this mixture is enhanced with rose geranium oil for optimizing emotional and hormonal well-being.

KidPower adds some additional oils including orange citrus oil and vanilla, for additional wellness support, comforting, enhanced mood, and focus. 

Applications: My favorite way to use this blend is applying it over my wrists and perfume points and inhaling. You can also add these oils to your diffuser to invite a warm, cozy, and comforting aroma into your home.

Note: If you want to read more about the individual oils in the blends, I have them in my EO database here. 

Snuggle up or settle down and focus after a long day at school with the help of this friendly diffuser aromatizing your favorite oils.   

Diffusing is one of the most popular methods of enjoying the aromatic and therapeutic properties of essential oils. “Diffusing” simply means dispersing the volatile compounds into the air. If you’re an oils’ fan, you’ve probably experienced this with your very first introduction to them through your 2-legged, mammalian, aromatic-emitting friend. 

I’ve written previously about many of the benefits this method of aromatherapy has. These include immune support, air purifying without toxic chemicals, stress relief, and more. (You can read about that here.)

Many oilers have told me that they have enjoyed this aromatic evaporation exercise as a comfortable and effective method for providing the health-promoting properties of these secondary metabolites. This is especially true for homes with sensitive and delicate family members, including infants and pets.

I have always advocated for diffusers to my clients who live in contaminated environments. I’ve found that for those surrounded by toxic mold or sneeze-inducing circulating microbes, certain essential oils emitting from a misty diffuser can be a saving grace. In fact, it may even make mold detection undetectable!

You can read about various methods to diffuse here, but recently, I’ve learned a few things since my recommendations on diffusers. (Click here to read more about atomizers.)

Feather offers littles a fun way to enjoy the oils and keep consistent.

6. A 3-oil Carrier Pouch 

Keep your child going through the school day with this convenient carrying case for their three favorite oils.

So, there you have it!

Perhaps you'll try one of these oils in your next order now that you know a little more about them, or maybe you'll get them for free!!

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