Young Living Essential Oils for Travel

Young Living Essential Oils for Travel
Every time I go anywhere, I carry my oil bag. It has everything in it to support my healthy lifestyle. If I forget to take it with me, I become concerned as I know how essential they are to my daily lifestyle. I often wonder how I survived without my oil bag as it is such a necessity in my life now.

How often do you travel? Young Living have so many products to support our health while travelling. I want to share with you my favourite oils for travelling.

I have several Young Living products I like to travel with. Your choice might be different than mine.
  • Carrier oil - Always use an empty essential oil bottle and fill it with a carrier oil like V6, jojoba or olive oil. If I get an essential oil on a sensitive part of the body such as in my eye, I apply the carrier oil to a tissue and hold it against the eye for a few minutes. The stinging will subside in a short time. I also travel with a carrier oil as sometimes an oil requires dilution before applying it topically to the body.
  • Copaiba, Lavender and Frankincense – Great for skin and applying topically. I love to drink 1 or 2 drops of Frankincense in my water every day for a youthful appearance.
  • Clove – This is one I love diluting in a carrier oil and applying to the feet especially in winter. I also love diffusing Thieves or Immupower, which are blends, in the home. 
  • Peace & Calming 1 or 2 – I love applying this to my wrists as I find it very calming, especially for children.
  • R.C. or Raven – I apply these to the chest and neck for a cooling sensation.
  • M-Grain – I apply this oil on the temples, neck and shoulders for calming and relaxation.
  • Purification – Great for odours – so I use it as a deodorant and in the diffuser. It is great for applying topically to enjoy the outdoors without annoyance.
  • DiGize – I like to apply it on the stomach.
  • PanAway – Dilute in a carrier oil and apply before and after exercise. It is great for muscles. 
  • Valor is great to apply to the back of the neck. It is for confidence and courage so public speaking and beginning a new or difficult experience are great times to utilise this blend.
  • Progessence Phyto Plus – This is one I do not carry with me, but I use it daily. It is one I love applying to the neck and forearms twice a day to enhance moisture, and we all know where women want to enhance moisture. It is one for promoting a healthy libido. Let’s just say women can change positively with this oil.  Progessence Phyto Plus is not an oil to be used by men. Alternatively, men can use Shutran, Golden Rod or Spruce. These oils can spruce things up in the bedroom. 
  • Two products that are not essential oils but are essential in my travel pack include a Young Living lip balm and Thieves Hand Purifier. These contain no toxic ingredients. The lip balm is great for keeping lips soft and subtle but can also be applied on the eye lids prior to applying the Savvy Minerals eye makeup to help it stay on longer. The hand purifier can be used to purify hands on the go and as a non-toxic deodorant. 
There are more oils discussed here than will fit in small oil bag, so just choose the essential oils that best fit with your lifestyle and place them in an oil case. If oils are not stored upright, they could leak, they are difficult to locate in quickly and the oils tend to eat away at the plastic lids causing them to crack. As always, I encourage people to do their own research on essential oils to discover the full benefits. 

Contact me on or contact the person who shared this information with you to get started on your health journey today. We would love you to get started with YL Sunshine Diamonds who are building a team of sparkling diamonds, inspiring others to lead healthy, harmonious lives. 

OmegaGize3 is back!

OmegaGize3 is back!
Oh how I have missed OmegaGize3. This omega supplement is not like any other. It contains wild fish oil, vitamin D and CoQ10 (ubiquinone). It contains Clove oil to minimise lipid oxidation. Does your supplement contain clove oil?
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