Ditching the Chemicals
Our body runs like a well oiled machine.  That is, until it doesn’t.

What causes this malfunction in something that is so beautifully designed?

CHEMICALS!    That’s right, the ones that you use every single day and you have been using for years and years. Those chemicals that are in your every day products in your home are causing problems in your bodies and you aren’t even aware!  They are building up in your cells causing bioaccumulation. When these chemicals are stored in your body they cause your endocrine and hormone system to become out of whack among other things. When this happens we get tons of symptoms that we usually don’t put back on the products and things we use in our daily life.

I was one of those people that had all the symptoms. I decided to kick the chemicals to the curb and in doing so my body has healed. My hormones and thyroid are now functioning properly and I am here to share that possibility with others. If you’re tired of feeling like crap, reach out to me. I don’t bite, but I will help you kick the chemicals to the curb and get your health back.


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