My why
Meet my why.
When you become a parent you realize that you are no longer the most important thing on the planet 🌏and that that child has a chance to become more than you ever did or will ever do.  
It’s our job as parents to show them that anything is possible.
To be an example if what love is.
To give them a safe place to become all they’re going to be with the love and support they need to get them there.    
Our children are just going to learn and pick up what we teach them by our actions and behaviors.   Period.    We and we alone are responsible for breaking generational curses and keep them from falling onto our precious babies.

We can stop the cycle. It can end with us.  We can take the hard road and learn about what makes us tick, why we do the destructive things we do, what sets us off and how to learn and grow from that inward peek we get from life. We have that choice. Grow or say “I’m just this way”

I didn’t have the best of childhoods and have learned to overcome a bunch of stuff that happened TO me.  That PAST stuff that happened doesn’t define me. It’s not my identity. The childhood I had didn’t define who I will be. Although that JUNK is in the past, I’ve found it all happened FOR ME!  It happened for me to be an over comer, but it’s up to me to change. To grow. To learn new behaviors and tools to handle life. To get over my own self. To love myself.  To love others. To serve. I’m here to be an example of what what I’ve learned to my son so he does have to heal from the hurts I did.  He will have his own path and things he will go thru

It’s because of this child I do all I do to become a better human. Every day.  With tears in my eyes as I write this post, I’m reminded of just how very grateful I am to have such an amazing blessing. Taylor, you’re my greatest gift and I’m grateful you’re my son.    

I expect to be around for many many many more years and I can’t wait to see the person you become.    I’m so proud of you.  ❤️ I love you.


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