What's in your home?
Living the natural life isn't as difficult as you may think.    It's actually quite easy and much more efficient.

Did you know that the everyday products we are accustomed to buying in the store are causing your body to not perform to its potential? 
      When I started my journey to health I didn't.  I had NO clue that the items I used every day were causing havoc in my body.    I was floored when I started to research the everyday things I was using. Did you notice that most cleaners and household items now have a "natural" version of their old product? I have. And then I pick it up to look at the ingredients. It's disgusting to me that they still have most of the crap ingredients they've always had, they just add the words "natural" or "green" to the packaging and Voila! Don't be fooled by these marketing gimmicks. They are just that. Gimmicks to make you buy their toxic products. Really.
     With Young Living, I KNOW that these products are clean, green and not toxic for my family. ALL of our products are rigorously tested and formulated without the crud in the store bought stuff. That stuff in the store causes, little by little, time over time, disruption in our body. That disruption causes problems. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but eventually your body can't handle all the chemicals that have been thrown at it. It breaks out in disease, sickness, hormone and thyroid problems, and other unmentionables. Please don't wait until you're battling a health issue before you educate yourself. I'm serious. Research. You're worth it. I promise it matters.
Here's just one article on the subject.   Just one!   click here

Young Living has products for every area of your home and for your body that are really safe to use and are all natural, for real.  It's Super easy to Ditch and Switch for the new way.   I love one stop shopping. I save gas, time and effort buying from the comfort of my home or phone.   I am able to get all my body care, pet care, cleaning, soaps, laundry, sun care, oils, supplements and even makeup and skin care from one place.  Not only is it the best quality around, but I get half off of retail!!    (not to mention the freebies I get every month just for ordering what I use in the home anyway).    It feels great knowing that our body isn't being bombarded with toxic chemicals every single day.  Yes the environment outside, I cannot control.   But I can control what I use on our body and in our home.   #themoreyouknow


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