I'm here in Florida and it's Smokin hot!  But I wouldn't have it any other way!   What are some of your fave things to do in the heat of summer?  We love to go to the beach, pool and enjoy every minute.    This month is flying by and I can't believe how fast it's going.  
Young Living didn't disappoint this month either with their promotions!    
And as if that's not good enough, this month we held our quarterly rally where we gather in homes, conference rooms and wherever we can gather and share the lifestyle of YL!   Yes, the lifestyle.   We are so much more than oils and if you didn't know that, you've been missing the point of this company and our products.  Entirely.  I wanted to share our Rally promos with you because they are fantastic!    One of them is something I use every single day, Ningxia. They have it 15% off along with our energy shot, Nitro and several different oils to go along with the party!    We are also offering (for new members) their starter kit, with 2 diffusers!!!  and 2 bonus oils as well!    This is great for your friends who aren't yet members and need a new lifestyle.   The starter kit is the best way to get started.     Along with the education you get in our private FB goups, and education online and in person or phone, there's no reason not to get involved!    I love YL!!!!!   It's a lifestyle, not a trend.     It's gonna be here and it's my goal to share it with everyone!   It's that powerful.     Yes, the oils are powerful, but the combination of removing toxins from our home and personal care products make our bodies healthier and more resistant to disease and yuckies!    Who's in for that? I AM!!!    
  The new member promo and product promo will end on the 20th!    (If you need help getting a friend started, reach out to me or your enroller and we can get you the link to get them started!  You get a $$ bonus too!  Hello!   win-win! )
I sincerely hope you have the best rest of the month!    May God bless you all and bring your dreams to reality.   
Thank you so much for supporting small business, it means the world to me, and your health!   This is so much more than stuff, it's a healthy lifestyle you can continue and see benefits in your health.      Be well. Live well, Live life.

Casey Forte


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