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  Another month has flown by and now we are in the preparation for Spring!  But first, February.  The shortest month of the year and the month known for Love!     This month let's show love to ourselves and our loved ones with the gift of wellness.
First step:
Relax, take a hot bath with essential oil infused epsom salts.   Restore and detox, refresh and renew.     Take some time out for your own mental and physical health.  You deserve it.

Now that you're relaxed and renewed, it's time to create a special blend to wear as perfume to remind you how awesome you are!   Party bonus, these plant juices actually have benefits besides smelling ahh-mazing.  

Are you not sure what to do for your man?  Well, a custom blend of manly oils is just what the Dr. ordered.   With essential oils, the custom blends you can create are endless.  Leaving your man smelling fine indeed and helping balance his body and emotions too.
And for everything else, there's an oil for that!     This month we have an amazing promotion and an extra level to it as well!  YL has Ylang Ylang back, but only available for the promo this month!  We don't have enough to have it in stock, but they had enough to offer it for free to those qualifying orders of 400 pv.   Ylang Ylang is an oil that's been out of stock for a long time and the process to collect the flowers is a painstaking one.   This oil is fantastic for anything heart related and also supports the hormonal systems and emotional balance.   Gimme all the Ylang Ylang!

Whatever you choose to do this month for your health, I hope your month is full of blessings, love and encouragement.   Do one thing each day that scares you and watch life become unstoppable!  
I wanted to share my gratitude for all of you who are still reading this email!  Thank you!  I am offering some more self care items as a thank you!   
Any order placed over 190 pv this month will be entered to win one of 3 Skin care items from YL!    Up for grabs:  
Orange Blossom Face Wash
 Orange Blossom Moisturizer
 Lavamint Smoothing Foot Scrub

You have 3 chances to win! Get your orders in! Click here to order
 Don't miss out on a great opportunity to bless the ones you love with a gift of wellness.

As always, Thank you for supporting small businesses and may God bless you and your path.

Feel free to reach out and respond to email or call me directly @ 352-427-2497

Casey Forte


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